vintage ~~ another coach classic to love

Hello, hello! Well, what can I say?  There still hasn’t been much to share…at least nothing exciting or post worthy.  I am pretty sure you don’t need to read about my new obsession of getting rid of things.  My need to minimize has hit a whole new level of crazy.  In my  mind, I see […]

vintage chic ~~ classic coach makeover

It is no secret around here that I adore vintage, classic Coach handbags–especially the Willis style (for immediate memory joggers, click HERE or HERE).  The Coach Willis is my go-to bag.  If I could own only one handbag (gasp!), she’s the one. Naturally, I flit about on Etsy and Ebay looking for amazing deals on […]

vintage chic ~~ goodbye handbags!

Call it conscience, call it minimizing, call it a lack of poor judgment–call it whatever you like!  But some of my all-time favorite (and most are one of a kind) vintage handbags have been added to my Etsy store.  I can’t even tell you the emotional pain I have gone through during this process…seriously.  As […]

vintage chic ~~ one valentino jacket; two vintage bags

The other day  I decided to fly into a Goodwill before going grocery shopping.  I hadn’t been in a Goodwill for a good long while…I was feeling the pull.  It was the right decision.  I found this Valentino Miss V, 100% wool, Made in Italy Fall blazer for $5.99.  When I saw it I immediately […]

chic ~~ fall handbags for you

Are you surprised I am not writing about Fall handbags for moi?  Well, in truth, I did buy one for the season…my longed for Coach New Willis in Cognac (at the MOST amazing deal ever!).  I am very pleased with it…the color, the quality.  However, I really think the Classic (vintage) Coach Willis is superior […]

chic ~~ what is vintage, french and chic all at once?

Besides moi, of course (haha!  couldn’t resist that one).  A vintage alligator/crocodile handbag–bien sur! Found: not one but two vintage alligator handbags at Goodwill this past week. The elegant, glossy brown Bellestone: AND the timeless black, flap-style bag by Casa Lopez (high-end maker from Argentina): These bags are true beauties and  absolute essentials in a […]