vintage ~~ another coach classic to love

Hello, hello! Well, what can I say?  There still hasn’t been much to share…at least nothing exciting or post worthy.  I am pretty sure you don’t need to read about my new obsession of getting rid of things.  My need to minimize has hit a whole new level of crazy.  In my  mind, I see […]

simple life ~~ hit the floor…snoring

The “simple life” had taken on a whole new level here at Chez Bliss. Floor level. For some time we have been trying to figure out what to do about our squeaky bed.  Extremely squeaky.  Not just when there are things happening that we do not discuss on this G rated format but squeaky when […]

home chic ~~ the art of living smaller

Hmmm.  Not sure if there is an “art” involved with what I am going to share.  But there was a necessity.  Allow me to explain. I have alluded to the fact that there were some big changes hitting the Bliss House in previous posts.  I didn’t want to share anything until it was fait accompli. […]