simple life ~~ happy spring!

Simple life indeed.  My apologies for not posting anything lately but I am afraid there has been nothing to post about.  If I just randomly list things that have happened in March it would look like this: Read (a lot). Saw the new Cinderella film (twice). Continued my addiction to Brighton charms/beads (crazy–long story). Searched […]

chic ~~ should it have a price tag?

Brace yourselves.  It’s time for a chic rant. Obviously, I have a thing for all things “chic” since I have incorporated the word into my blog title.  I love chic!  Naturally, I am drawn to articles and information that promotes the concept and celebrates it.  But this does not mean that I seek my inspiration […]

photography ~~ from lines to patterns (weekly photo challenge)

Well, well, well.  If only I could predict the future then I would have known what today’s challenge was going to be and I would have saved my glass dome pictures for today.  C’est la vie!  So instead, I am featuring something rather simple in comparison but still pretty. Please enjoy the other photos at […]

photography ~~ focus (weekly photo challenge)

Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend.  We are so far.  The weather is perfect.  We had dear friends over last night for dinner and they also stayed over.  Then, today, we were off to a company picnic that was well supported.  Tomorrow we are off again to meet up with more friends we haven’t […]

photography ~~ the golden hour (weekly photo challenge)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend because we sure are.  We have seen dear friends from Florida, gone to the beach, eaten (and drank) at a micro brewery, gotten ice cream, swam and gone canoeing.  That was all before today (Sunday).  So today we are cooling our jets a bit and just enjoying […]