chic ~~ i love rocks

I adore rocks.  The bigger the better.  Alas, I am not speaking of the rocks that glitter and shine…and have the potential of setting you back thousands of dollars.  I am in love with actual rocks, stones, minerals.  With a little polish and creativity a rock can send my heart all a pitter-patter. I think […]

vintage chic ~~ classic coach makeover

It is no secret around here that I adore vintage, classic Coach handbags–especially the Willis style (for immediate memory joggers, click HERE or HERE).  The Coach Willis is my go-to bag.  If I could own only one handbag (gasp!), she’s the one. Naturally, I flit about on Etsy and Ebay looking for amazing deals on […]

french chic ~~ saying goodbye to a hermes scarf…

…is HARD! I love this scarf.  I bought it because I love Hermes scarves, love vintage automobiles and adore the 1920s/30s.  Alas, the colorway doesn’t seem to work for my wardrobe.  This lovely gem has been (reluctantly!) added to my Etsy store.  Just thought you should know.  Or maybe you know someone who should know. […]

vintage and chic ~~ accomplishments

I have been a busy little bee without really intending to be.  One of the biggest things I accomplished over the past couple of days is whittling away my wardrobe.  I am back down to about 30 items hanging in my closet.  I didn’t purge my other items as in a  “haul to Goodwill”.  I […]