chic ~~ i love rocks

I adore rocks.  The bigger the better.  Alas, I am not speaking of the rocks that glitter and shine…and have the potential of setting you back thousands of dollars.  I am in love with actual rocks, stones, minerals.  With a little polish and creativity a rock can send my heart all a pitter-patter. I think […]

chic ~~ pink accessories for a grey existence

In streamlining my wardrobe I have paired my basics down to three colors; grey, dark brown and black (add in navy for summers).  I rely on accessories to give me that desperate “pop” of color.  Although “pink” is one of the best colors for me, can you believe I own nothing in the way of […]

chic ~~ what is vintage, french and chic all at once?

Besides moi, of course (haha!  couldn’t resist that one).  A vintage alligator/crocodile handbag–bien sur! Found: not one but two vintage alligator handbags at Goodwill this past week. The elegant, glossy brown Bellestone: AND the timeless black, flap-style bag by Casa Lopez (high-end maker from Argentina): These bags are true beauties and  absolute essentials in a […]