vintage ~~ another coach classic to love

Hello, hello! Well, what can I say?  There still hasn’t been much to share…at least nothing exciting or post worthy.  I am pretty sure you don’t need to read about my new obsession of getting rid of things.  My need to minimize has hit a whole new level of crazy.  In my  mind, I see […]

vintage home chic ~~ small changes with big rewards

A couple of months ago the Mistress of Bliss (moi!) got all grumpy and dissatisfied with her kitchen/dining room surroundings.  A change was needed or I was sure to go mad.  Perhaps I exaggerate a tad but, nonetheless, the darkness shrouding me in the kitchen was getting on my nerves.  And, of course, the days […]

vintage chic ~~ classic coach makeover

It is no secret around here that I adore vintage, classic Coach handbags–especially the Willis style (for immediate memory joggers, click HERE or HERE).  The Coach Willis is my go-to bag.  If I could own only one handbag (gasp!), she’s the one. Naturally, I flit about on Etsy and Ebay looking for amazing deals on […]

vintage ~~ the best illustrator…ever!

I am 8 years old, sitting in my 3rd grade class.  Mrs. Cole has just finished reading a chapter from “The Little House in the Big Woods”.  This is what she does every day after lunch…she reads from the Laura Ingalls Wilder series.  I can’t remember how many books we got through that year but […]

vintage ~~ celebrating one hundred years of reading

Sunday afternoon was a special occasion in my little town.  This year marks the 100th Anniversary for our District Library.  This beautiful little library was built in 1914 from a Carnegie grant.  Yes, my town can boast of having an actual Carnegie library.  There have been special events held all year to commemorate this 100 […]

vintage chic ~~ fashion and famine

Last week I shared  some highlights of the day we spent at the Gilmore Car Museum.  It was a beautiful afternoon and we had such a wonderful time.  I wanted to share a couple more things we saw while on the grounds of the museum. A new addition (permanent, temporary? not sure) to the collection […]

vintage ~~ an antique automobile afternoon

This week Western Michigan exploded in a profusion of amazing color.  PEAK had arrived!  And I was ready: I have been carrying my camera with me at all times…always ready for that perfect photo-op.  I have developed a new system in which carrying my camera has become easier for me to do…more on that in […]

vintage french chic ~~ fall makes for simple fun

We have enjoyed a SPELL of beautiful weather…until today.  I have been taking advantage of the loveliness by getting out to enjoy it.  Fun walks, reading on a blanket in the warm sun, colorful drives–all of it free and all of it fun. Hope you all are soaking up the Fall.  I planning on getting […]

vintage french chic ~~ my summer recap

Well! When I say I am taking a blogging break, I guess I mean it.  Summer has come and gone and I guess I did too.  I have really good reasons for being absent–both good and bad…mostly good.  Before I share some of my summer memories with you I want to let you in on […]