Goodbye to Bliss

What?  She’s back to just to say good bye?  Kind of looks that way.  But let me explain… …Yes, I left you hanging months ago, I know.  And more than likely, you have gotten along just fine without my posts popping up randomly in your life.  But it wasn’t my conscious intention to leave the […]

chic ~~ the allure of metallic

Today I am linking up with Adrienne (The Rich Life on a Budget) and Jill (Everything Just So) for their monthly edition of  “How I Wear My…”, this month embracing “metallic”. I love wearing metallic accessories.  But through the years I have found that I am drawn to pewter metallic…not so much gold or silver. […]

vintage book ~~ the long winter

Is winter starting to feel long for you too?  It really shouldn’t for me because it came rather late.  But now that March is only a couple of days away I am feeling  very  done with it all.  The view from my window hasn’t changed in weeks…and this was on a pretty day: And the […]