simple life ~~ happy spring!

Simple life indeed.  My apologies for not posting anything lately but I am afraid there has been nothing to post about.  If I just randomly list things that have happened in March it would look like this: Read (a lot). Saw the new Cinderella film (twice). Continued my addiction to Brighton charms/beads (crazy–long story). Searched […]

vintage french chic ~~ fall makes for simple fun

We have enjoyed a SPELL of beautiful weather…until today.  I have been taking advantage of the loveliness by getting out to enjoy it.  Fun walks, reading on a blanket in the warm sun, colorful drives–all of it free and all of it fun. Hope you all are soaking up the Fall.  I planning on getting […]

vintage french chic ~~ my summer recap

Well! When I say I am taking a blogging break, I guess I mean it.  Summer has come and gone and I guess I did too.  I have really good reasons for being absent–both good and bad…mostly good.  Before I share some of my summer memories with you I want to let you in on […]

photography ~~ contrasts (weekly photo challenge)

Can’t believe a week has flown by!  I didn’t intend not to post–it just happened that way.  And, sorry to say, it looks like another blogging break is on the horizon for July.  Waaaaay too much is going on and my attention and energies need to be focused elsewhere.  So, for now, please enjoy my […]

photography ~~ between (weekly photo challenge)

I have always loved this shot.  I snapped it the day my Aunt (the calm, collected one on the left) was getting married.  Her sisters (my mom in blue) found a moment to be silly.  I always felt like this was a perfect moment “between” sisters. I just love these women. Please forgive the photo […]

photography~~extra extra (weekly photo challenge)

People, I had no idea what to do with this theme. I searched my files and I found these.  I decided they could work if I really tweaked the theme to fit my agenda. Chicago Skyline with Fountain.  No filter. Chicago Skyline with Fountain.  Dramatic Filter. I would have to say the dramatic filter definitely […]

photography ~~ room (weekly photo challenge)

Another photography post?  Yes, sorry.  I will get back to French Fridays one of these days.  But today I needed a posting prompt that didn’t involve too much brain activity.  Thank you, Daily Post. This week’s challenge is “room”.  I love this shot of Rockefeller.  Usually he is in the same room as me but […]

photography ~~ split second (weekly photo challenge)

(from the journals of a backyard explorer) Day 22: The turdis migratorius (aka American Robin) landed hesitantly on the precipice of the resevoir (aka bird bath).  After watching with great interest in his bathing rituals, wondering who his big date was for the evening, I realized this was a perfect moment to capture–adding it to […]