french chic ~~ “at home with madame chic” by jennifer scott

(via amazon) The talented Jennifer Scott has done it again!  She has channeled the lessons she learned from Madame Chic years ago into a delightful tome that anyone can benefit from now…and always. I have enjoyed Jennifer’s blog for years and was so excited when she wrote her first book, “Lessons From Madame Chic”–which is […]

simple life ~~ hit the floor…snoring

The “simple life” had taken on a whole new level here at Chez Bliss. Floor level. For some time we have been trying to figure out what to do about our squeaky bed.  Extremely squeaky.  Not just when there are things happening that we do not discuss on this G rated format but squeaky when […]

french chic ~~ longchamp le pliage (personalized) bag

As you know from my summer recap post, we spent quite a bit of time in Europe this past summer.  It was a dream vacation–it really was.  I was so caught up in the moments that I didn’t even think about shopping for souvenirs until we were past the first week of our travels.  Thus, […]

vintage french chic ~~ fall makes for simple fun

We have enjoyed a SPELL of beautiful weather…until today.  I have been taking advantage of the loveliness by getting out to enjoy it.  Fun walks, reading on a blanket in the warm sun, colorful drives–all of it free and all of it fun. Hope you all are soaking up the Fall.  I planning on getting […]

vintage french chic ~~ my summer recap

Well! When I say I am taking a blogging break, I guess I mean it.  Summer has come and gone and I guess I did too.  I have really good reasons for being absent–both good and bad…mostly good.  Before I share some of my summer memories with you I want to let you in on […]

french chic ~~ saying goodbye to a hermes scarf…

…is HARD! I love this scarf.  I bought it because I love Hermes scarves, love vintage automobiles and adore the 1920s/30s.  Alas, the colorway doesn’t seem to work for my wardrobe.  This lovely gem has been (reluctantly!) added to my Etsy store.  Just thought you should know.  Or maybe you know someone who should know. […]

french friday ~~ a vintage french chic giveaway

Guess what today is?  My 200th post on this blog (and my 458th post since the beginning of my blogging experience).  To celebrate this milestone on Vintage French Chic, I am doing a giveaway. Many of you were reading me back on my old blog so you know why I switched to a new blogging […]