Bienvenue a chez bliss!

I chose the name “chez bliss” to encompass all the interests I will write about under one simple umbrella (my house is historic and named “The Bliss House”; “chez” is my nod to my lifelong love of France and all things French).  Everything thing I do , everything I experience, everything I read happens/originates from my home…here at “chez bliss”.

The purpose of this blog is many fold.  It is my creative outlet for writing, for photography*, for experimenting.  It will be an online scrapbook of my life…things I want to remember and share.  I am not here to promote the idea(s) that I’ve got “it” all figured out in any category I write about…because I don’t (and who does?).  This blog is simply for fun because I like to have fun.  And this is a great example of my speed of fun:


   I love Bliss House because it is older than the hills.  But an old house is nothing unless it has an old man to go with it–my gem of a husband, Brett.  Here he is mastering the art of old-man-porch-sitting :


Oh.  This is my dog, Rockefeller.  You will see a lot of him.

And as always, thank you for giving me some of your valuable time by reading this blog.  It means a lot.



email:  lavieachezbliss(at)aol(dot)com

*my photos are not “photoshopped”.  in rare instances, i may tweak contrast/brightness or slightly crop a photo.  i really try to capture what i am seeing at a given moment.  and i don’t take myself seriously as a photographer–it is simply a fun hobby.

and, for the record, if i did photoshop, i would have filled in my eyelashes on my left eye, above.


54 thoughts on “about/search

    • We are all chic in our own ways…I firmly believe this. I am glad you are following along. Thank you for checking it out.


    • Don’t I look more like a Sophie or Chantal or Vivienne? (trying to think of frenchy names). : ) Humor me. Gabrielle? Cosette?


    • I was almost named Rachel…I like that too but I am glad they chose Heather. It took some years to like it but I am there now.


  1. I never thought of you as Mistress Bliss…just Bliss as that is what you brought to my blog with your wonderful comments. Now please excuse me if it takes awhile to get to know you as Heather. I’ll change my blogroll when your change is final. Good luck with the new blog…I’m just glad you will still be around the blogworld. Karen


    • How sweet. But you already do know “Heather”. My other blog was very much me too. Only the name has changed around here. Thank you for continuing to follow along. : ) I am sure some of your wonderful recipes will be popping up on this blog as well.


  2. Heather – what a nice name. I am very happy you are still around and telling us about your passions, this and that and Rockefeller 🙂 Good luck with your new blog! Have already klicked the follow button. All the best and STAY HAPPY, Claudia 🙂


  3. I’m delighted that you are continuing to blog – and to know your real name, which is beautiful. I read in your old blog about Maitai’s scarf rings and had to tell you I have been using old belt buckles for this purpose for years. Found some in fabric stores and in thrift shops. Mother of pearl, tortoise and metals.


    • Excellent idea for having a scarf ring. I went to an antique fair not long ago and one of the vendors had a bunch of old belt buckles, some shaped like MaiTai’s scarf ring and I remember having a similar thought. I should have gotten one! Thank you for dropping in.


  4. Hi Heather Viveka referred to you in one of her posts… so I came to have a look.. and enjoyed what I saw… so I’m following now.. one more watching over your shoulder whilst you enjoy your blog…


    • I know you do…and I have always appreciated your comments. And yes, I still read your posts–enjoyed the one featuring “blanc” today.


  5. Thank you for letting us know, dear Heather!
    I was going to email you if I had missed anything or if my eye-sight was going… 😉 because I couldn’t find the comments part.
    I really enjoy your blog a lot – so I’ll keep reading even if I cannot start rambling…
    Have a good start into the weekend! 🙂


  6. I always enjoy reading your posts & was wondering why I couldn’t make a comment, my computer ‘savvy’ is nul.
    How lovely that one of your followers sent you a gift from the Dordogne, which is so near to where I live and is one of my favourite places to visit.


    • Well, welcome! I am happy you found me. I love British Phone Boxes…always have. Are they disappearing in Britain as the phone booth has here?


  7. Thought I was losing it for a minute there not being able to figure out how to comment. Love all your photos of MacKinac Island – it looks amazing and I love all the buildings. As you may already know, I too love graveyards and cemeteries – many think I’m strange, perhaps they’re right!


  8. Hi Heather!
    Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts as time draws closer to my dream trip to Parisdise 😉
    So glad I found your blog because I so love everything about France mais j’ai oublié(presque) tous les mots here in Texas.
    I hope my French comes back during my short visit to Paris.
    Happy I am here.


    • Hmmmm….sorry, I thought I had responded to this before. I am so happy to hear you are going to Paris. You will love every minute.


    • Merci! And I have been touring around your blog–love it! Like minds, like minds! : ) Thanks for stopping in.


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