vintage ~~ another coach classic to love

Hello, hello!

Well, what can I say?  There still hasn’t been much to share…at least nothing exciting or post worthy.  I am pretty sure you don’t need to read about my new obsession of getting rid of things.  My need to minimize has hit a whole new level of crazy.  In my  mind, I see a basement with only a handful of boxes, cupboards containing only what we actually use, a garage used only for cars, bikes and seasonal storage. And yes, this is easier “typed” than done.  My goal is to have a major garage sale next month…whatever doesn’t sell will be loaded up and hauled to Goodwill. I both love and hate doing these type of purging projects.  Hopefully the end goal will make it all worth it.  Yes, this is the dream that keeps me going.  Ha!

Yet, despite my best intentions of minimizing, I always seem to find room in my life for a “new” handbag.  It’s a serious weakness (sigh.).  However, to my credit (!), I have sold a few handbags recently and I am down to my lowest number of bags in years.  So that’s something, right?  But the love is always there–unfortunately.

You may remember my post about my lovely Adora bag acquisition.  I absolutely love this bag.  It is bigger than what I am used to carrying but the color is just exquisite.  And having such a fun pop of color has made me analyze my other handbags which I have found to be rather–neutral.  I won’t say “boring” but they definitely lack in pizzazz.  Black, cognac, leopard, and grey pocketbooks are all well and good in a wardrobe but color is great to have too.  My orange Adora adds great punch to my usual black or grey palettes.  So if the orange bag can provide such a lively change to my neutral world why not some other colors too?

Enter my “new-to-me” vintage Coach bag in a beautiful true red!  And, in fact, this vintage bag appears to be in unused condition.  It is absolutely beautiful…one of my best Ebay finds.  I can’t even remember how it happened to cross my radar but the style immediately caught my attention.  The bag is made in the USA and its model number is  #9998.  I had never noticed this one before.  It has a soft body look (which I am really into lately; simple lines, hobo style, no frills) but has a frame interior which is used to provide a secure, tight closure.  This bag came with its original Coach booklet and the Coach printed tissue paper.  Whoa.  It is very roomy and spacious but still smaller than my Adora bag.  And that pop of color?  Fabulous.

The most exciting thing about this purchase was finding a new old style (Classic) by Coach.  I have long loved the classic Coach bags, with the Willis bag being my all time favorite.  And to find this one in such perfect condition and pay a fraction of what a new Coach bag would cost me?  Perfect!  I love vintage style.



Now that I have added a gorgeous red bag to my wardrobe, my quest for color has continued.  But the cobalt blue bag will have to wait for a future post.

If a colorful handbag is your thing too, and you are possibly searching for a great new Spring or Summer bag, please check out Adora Bags’ newest addition on Adrienne’s blog.  It is stunning! (as is its namesake ; ) ).

Happy Spring!


P.S. I am linking up with A Well Styled Life and StyleMindChic for their new, lifestyle link up.  Great idea, gals!  I guess vintage is a lifestyle??? : )


3 thoughts on “vintage ~~ another coach classic to love

  1. Hello Heather-I’m so happy you are linking up with our #stylefocus Lifestyle LinkUp! It’s so fun to see your IG photos and your blog. The coach bag is such a find! Love the classic lines. Luxury American branding at it’s best. My cousin worked for Coach in NYC for years. They had some fabulous sample sales and she was generous to share. The Adora bag is also gorgeous. Love that orange shade you choose-it will pop any outfit for spring and summer!
    Enjoy the warmer temps and hope to see you again for the next #stylefocus!
    xx, Heather


  2. Love your new finds (and I see you’re still carrying the Alviero Martini clutch in there!) and the red bag really is beautiful. Spring is definitely the time to add some color to life! I’m in awe of your knowledge of these things but very happy that you’re willing to pass along your hand-me-downs. Porteen Gear is headed to Maine this weekend. Happy Spring (and spring cleaning!) xoxo


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