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You may remember that I recently wrote about the mini-makeover that we did to our kitchen/dining area.  I am still loving the results of our little labor of love.  I enjoy being in the kitchen/dining room so much more than I used to that I got it in my head I should have a kitchen desk in this area–for meal planning, crafting, keeping track of calendar events, etc.  I love kitchens that have desks in them–especially the built in ones.  I started surfing through Pinterest, as I do, to get ideas.  Initially, I got a little disheartened because most of what I saw was of the “built-in” variation. Like so:


(via apartment therapy)

 And then the question of (my) available space started hounding me.  I definitely had no room in the actual kitchen area to put one.  But could I make it work in the dining area?  And do I buy a “new to me” desk or use what I have?  Such ponderous questions.

My thoughts soon turned to a little cream-colored desk that was upstairs being used by the Kiddos.  Dimensions wise, it would be a perfect fit.  And being that I recently removed my bedroom desk, I thought I could swap them out.  The Kiddos are currently out-of-town, it’s my stuff, my house…so yes, that was a viable plan!  Down came the well used, and somewhat abused, desk to find a new life.

I bought this desk years ago for ma Belle Fille to use in her bedroom as a desk/vanity while growing up.  Belle Fille has come and gone ( a few times) and the little desk has gotten moved around the house but it has been forever since used as a desk…until Belle Fille moved back home this last time.  Don’t worry.  I didn’t leave them desk-less by stealing this one back…they still have a desk to use AND they will be getting the one from my bedroom.  It’s all good.

In studying my space in the dining area, I determined that my best bet was to move the bench seat that was against the back wall of the sink/counter over to the table and use it for seating.  I had my wicker baskets (filled with art/craft supplies) stored underneath the bench seat so I decided to stack them pyramid style and place the desk next to them.  In a cabinet to the right of the newly positioned desk, I cleared out an area to store all my cookbooks (that were previously on the island and in a far corner on the counter).  Now I could easily menu plan at my desk, and/or do crafts when needed, instead of taking over the dining room table and leaving it  as an unsightly mess, always needing clearing when it is time to eat (what a hassle!).


Once everything was in place, I was super excited and really liked the results.  Not a built in but definitely cute and functional.  However, the desk itself was in a heap of sadness (see above photo). When I first got it, maybe 15 years ago, I painted it off white.  Well, many years and moves later, it was looking stressed out and a little dejected.  Plus, when I painted it, it was before the advent of chalk paint (thank you, Annie Sloan!) and I had never been happy with the paint job.  I decided to remedy that issue and I picked up some chalk paint this past Wednesday.  On Thursday, I had a re-energized and happy new desk.  Painting the cubbies a pretty turquoise blue really gave it some character too.


kitchendeskfromdoor kitchendeskandbaskets


Just imagine the genius that will happen in this room now.  Amazing.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  Until next time…



5 thoughts on “vintage ~~ kitchen desk

  1. It’s so much fun to see and hear about your projects. I love this little desk (does the top flip down somehow?) and it’s perfect for your situation. And it looks good in that spot. It’s so exciting to create new spaces in your house, no matter how small … you’ve got me going room to room to see what I can do too. Thanks for the weekend inspiration! Happy Sunday! : )


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