chic ~~ booties!!

Shoes, people!  I am talking shoes.

Today I am joining the “How I Wear My…Booties” party with Adrienne and Jill.  I have challenged myself to do these “How I Wear My…” to keep myself in the “trend”/”fashion” loop.  I tend to get into ruts and this is “something” to help me keep things fresh.  I am excited about this month’s theme because I just got these Earth Origins booties a few weeks ago.  I haven’t worn them yet because it keeps snowing and frankly, I need tall boots–and will probably continue to need them until May at this rate.  So I got to have some fun “styling” these booties with my first pair (ever) of “boyfriend” jeans and my new Adora bag.  Humor me–I had to troll around Pinterest to even know what to do with boyfriend jeans and booties.  This is the best I could do.





(awkward pose for the benefit of seeing the button details on the booties–you are welcome)

And while I play around with shoes and jeans and bags inside, outside it keeps looking like this:


Only 16 more days to Spring.  I am hanging on.  Hope you are too.

Click on over to The Rich Life on a Budget and Everything Just So to see more bootie fashions.



13 thoughts on “chic ~~ booties!!

  1. Thank you so much for joining us! I love your look – boyfriend jeans are a favorite of mine (but I currently can’t fit into my BFs, sadly. Trying to lose those winter lbs.!).
    And if course I adore your Adora bag! Isn’t it crazy how many outfits the oranges looks great with??
    xo, Adrenne


    • Yes, I think you would like them. The brand is Earth Origins and they are comfortable. This is my second pair of Earth Origins–the other pair are taller boots. has good prices on them.


  2. 🙂 Hahaha, I really like your “awkward bootie pose” – it could have been me, standing around like that 😀
    Your booties look fun and extremely comfortable.
    I can’t believe the tons of snow you still have!
    Have a lovely week xo 🙂


  3. Love your comment about trolling around Pinterest (what did we do before Pinterest?) and love the pigeon-toed shot. Sadly, I am not in the boat at all with fashion and I look to you for guidance. I don’t even know what boyfriend jeans are! : )


    • You crack me up. Looks like you need to troll Pinterest too. Boyfriend jeans were hard for me to find that I liked and fit right–in fact I have a severe dislike of most jeans because of trying to find ones that fit well. You are looking to me for fashion guidance?? Yikes. I had better send you some links to fashion blogs–women who know what they are doing and love fashion. 😘😘


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