chic ~~ pre-spring splurge

Hey y’all!

Thought I would check in with my blog and actually write something. Novel.  The world outside still pretty much looks like this:


So other than being adventurous one Saturday afternoon to hit the lake shore for some photos, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on except some serious spring fever.  I am so ready for it and sooooo looking forward to it.  The only hope I have had in the “spring is coming” department has been an increase in bird sounds…more singing and chirping around these parts.  Of course, I only hear them when I let the dog out to go potty or run from my house to my car because to actually be out in sub-zero temperatures is painful — I don’t care what the sun is doing– so I haven’t actually seen them but they are there.  And who are these birds?  They must be loons to be around here so early.

I have done some purging and cleaning out of some closets.  I made a shadow box of our trip from last summer.  I changed some furniture around.  Putz, putz, putz.  Potter, potter, potter.  That’s all I do.  Oh.  That and shop online.

Recently, chere Adrienne of The Rich Life on a Budget featured a beautiful bag on her blog.  You can read it HERE.  I fell in love with the Adora bags as soon as I saw them…especially the orange bag.  I love the simple lines, the minimalist style and that color!  Not long ago, I sold my Kate Spade tangerine orange bag on eBay with the idea of replacing it with another orange-colored bag in the future.  I liked the KS well enough, but the orange color was a little too *wow* for me.  When I saw this shade of orange on the Adora bag, my heart went pitter patter.  The bag looked a little larger than what I am used to carrying but I thought I would take a chance on it.  I am so happy I did. It is beautiful.



(the above photo captures the orange color the best)

Adora Bags are made in Vinci, Italy by experienced craftsmen, adhering to generations old traditions of leather tanning and workmanship.  The brand is newer and I had only heard about them through Adrienne’s post.  After visiting their website, reading up on the men behind the bag’s design and remembering how much I adored my visit to Venice last summer (yes, it was a deciding factor), I decided to take the splurge.  For me and my budget, this was definitely a splurge but through Adrienne’s blog, I was able to get a 10% discount.  Yay!  (which is still available I might add).

A really nice feature of the bag is the detachable clutch that come with it so you can stow your phone or other smaller items in it and thus they are saved from floating around in the “black hole” of a larger tote.  And a little leather-bound notebook comes with it too that shares the Adora story and provides some pages for note jotting.  A lovely touch.


I carried my new handbag on Saturday when we headed to the lake shore for some winter beach photos and a little antiquing.  It was easy to carry, although, I will have to admit, is was a bit heavier than what I am used to. But it is so pretty that this little faux pas has been completely overlooked by her carrier–“keep Adora and carry on!”

In other whimsy.  Aren’t these “aloha” shoes adorbs?


And if I were a petite little gal, I would ride this bike in a heartbeat:


They were some of the cool things I saw while antiquing.  But no acquisitions were made.  Good thing too.

That’s my update.  I will share some “decorate with what I have” changes (in the dining room again!) in the near future.

Have a fantastic week!


PS~~ this post is dedicated to the lovely Claudia.


10 thoughts on “chic ~~ pre-spring splurge

  1. 🙂 First of all THANK YOU for this blog post! xo

    Your bag is beautiful – the leather looks so soft and the color is purely WOW! I bet you can pack a lot into it…watch your shoulders 😉
    Do you still have snow this high? My goodness, it looks so pretty, but I can understand if you are desperate for sunshine and warm weather.

    Have a wonderful week! xo 🙂


    • Thank you! Yes, this bag is very nice…it is a bit big (by my standards) but still fun to carry. And yes, we have at least a couple of feet of snow still on the ground and today it is snowing some more. Yay us! xo


  2. We are Adora bag twins! Don’t you just love the quality and the color? Orange is my favorite but the cobalt blue is gorgeous too, and the black is always great to have for its versatility.
    Such a beautiful snowy beach photo – pretty to look at, I am sure, not so great to live with.
    Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it!

    Hugs, Adrienne


    • I admit that the blue was very tempting too…maybe later. As for the orange–I love the color, really love it. Looking forward to seeing future colors (wink, wink!). xo


  3. I hope it thaws for you very soon. We are having a very mild winter here in CA which mean a bad fire season next summer. Such a lovely shade of orange. It’ll brighten everything you wear it with.


    • OH! I have been jealous of the gorgeous photos I have seen of California lately but I hate to hear that could mean more fires. Let’s hope you have some great April showers to dampen things up a bit. xo


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