chic ~~ i love rocks

I adore rocks.  The bigger the better.  Alas, I am not speaking of the rocks that glitter and shine…and have the potential of setting you back thousands of dollars.  I am in love with actual rocks, stones, minerals.  With a little polish and creativity a rock can send my heart all a pitter-patter.

I think I can trace my love of rocks back to grade school–5th grade in particular.  I had a BIG thing for tiger eyes.  And, actually, even before that I remember being completely enchanted by my little turquoise ring that I proudly wore on my little sausage ring finger.  During these years of grade school, I loved finding rocks native to a particular region.  When we traveled, I would gravitate to those cards that had a bunch of little stone affixed to them with their names printed under them, found in many a souvenir shop across the USA.  So pretty!

As an adult my stone collecting continued.  I  always pick up interesting stones along the Lake Michigan coastline.  I brought home a couple of “red rocks” from Nevada.  This pass summer I tucked away small rocks from Switzerland and Austria in my suitcase home.  I just find them intriguing.  Despite this deep, professed love of rocks, I found 9th grade Earth Science completely boring (on reflection, this might have had more to do with the most boring teacher in the Universe).  I would probably love a class like that now.  Life.

A few years back I started collecting rock/stone/mineral pendants.  Sliced agate, druzy, indigenous Michigan stones, beach glass (OK, not a rock but still unique and rock-like).  I love that they are naturally beautiful and can add a unique touch or story when worn as an accessory.  Agates with druzy are probably my favorite.  Yet, Michigan’s Petoskey stone (our State stone) is a close second.

I have a couple of necklaces that I can use with my pendants.  One is an average length sterling silver omega chain.  The other is a longer silver chain.  During the colder months I like the versatility of wearing the latter because then my beautiful rocks can still be seen even if I am wearing a scarf…which I always do when it is cold.  Here is an example of the desired look:


And here is the line-up of my favorite players:


(from left to right: aqua druzy from etsy; amber druzy by nashelle, gifted to me; sliced agate from etsy; beach glass from south haven, mi; sliced agate from antique store; sliced agate from etsy; petoskey stone from saugatuck, mi; “lightning stone” found on lake michigan and made by my cousins).

This close-up helps you to see why druzy is so easy to love:




I am joining Jill and Adrienne today for this month’s “How I Wear My…Long Necklace”.  Peek on over to their blogs to see many, many more beautiful long necklaces.

What is your favorite long necklace to wear?

Thanks for coming by today!



14 thoughts on “chic ~~ i love rocks

  1. I know it’s ho-hum by now, but this could have been written about me, too. I also love rocks, though mine tend to be less polished and pretty than yours. Never thought of wearing them! As a kid I had a rock polisher and I DID make jewelry with them. I pick them up on trips and bring them home in suitcases. Years ago my husband went on a trip and I asked him to bring me a rock. (He was used to things like this by then.) On the plane, he was chatting with another man and he mentioned my request for a rock. He told the guy what he’d found for me, and the man was horrified – he said to my husband, “you idiot – she was asking for a diamond!!”

    Not so! : ) Great post!


    • Cute story about your husband getting you a rock. Low maintenance, gals, aren’t we?? I am jealous that you had a rock polisher, etc when you were a kid. I would’ve loved that! I have even thought about getting a cutter/polisher now but I have nowhere to keep such things. Bummer.


  2. 🙂 Wow! Those pendants do look beautiful! The colors! Stunning!
    Yes, I remember those postcards with the little rocks attached too. I’d also get them as a kid, when we drove through the US on holidays 🙂
    Have a very HAPPY day! 🙂 xo


  3. I had a rock collection when I was a kid. I think I came by my love of rocks from my mom. She has been known to trespass onto private property and “borrow” an interesting rock.
    If the snow ever melts you can look closely at my rock garden too.
    I did a blog about it a while back.


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