chic ~~ warming up with a stella carakasi sweater

Baby, it is cold outside!  Michigan is in a deep freeze of icy brilliance.  We have a nice blanket of snow to brighten things up (so needed after a dull, dark december).  As I type, the sun is peaking through the clouds–which I know is just a tease so I am not getting overly excited about it.  But it sure makes things sparkle!


(ok, so i couldn’t quite capture the “sparkle” like i hoped but this shows the sun peaking through from the east with a dark, menacing sky coming in from the west)

Winter survival in these parts means layering up.  I am not a bulky sweater kind of gal.  I need to wear things that have drape and give me room to breathe.  A few months back I was intrigued to read about designer Stella Carakasi and her clothing line on my friend Adrienne’s blog.  I loved the asymmetrical lines/options that Stella offers in her clothing.  I have always been a fan of Eileen Fisher but can’t afford to pay retail for her clothes…and once things do go on sale, they are often really picked over (and still pricey!).  Stella Carakasi’s clothing reminds me some of Eileen Fisher’s look.   And, as you know, I am a fan of J.Jill Wearever-even though some of my recent pieces have been far below the quality standard I have come to expect from this line (yes, J.Jill has heard about it).  Once I saw Stella Carakasi’s clothing, I knew it would be a good investment for my wardrobe.  Her styles would mesh nicely with what I like and what I already own.  Plus, she came highly recommended by Adrienne.  Win, win!

I am teaming up with Adrienne and Jill for this month’s “How I Wear My…Winter White”.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase Stella Carakasi’s style.  Here I am wearing the “Point of Interest” cardigan (birch) over her “Keeping It Real” Tunic (pearl).  I paired these tops with a chocolate-brown J.Jill Wearever skirt and a multi-colored scarf (thrifted!)


(yes, the bathroom studio is the best i can do)

I have added a few pieces of Stella’s line to my wardrobe over the past few months.  Everything I have bought has been on sale (50% off) and two “new with tags” items I found on Ebay for even less.  As I brought in these new additions, I said good-bye to other things in my closet.  I am still trying to maintain a small, versatile, wearable wardrobe made up of clothing I enjoy wearing.  I like to live by the rule, something comes in, something goes out (sometimes two things go out).  It helps to keep my life, my “look”, simple.

If you like the asymmetrical, casual look, I encourage you to try Stella Carakasi (no! I am not being paid for my endorsment).  Or another company to take a look at is on Etsy, Idea2Lifestyle.  I have not bought anything from this company, but their clothes has caught my eye.  And I have a friend who has purchased a couple of things from them and she always looks smashing! (i can say that because she did live in england at one time).

Head on over to The Rich Life and Everything Just So for more amazing “winter white” looks.

Stay warm!



3 thoughts on “chic ~~ warming up with a stella carakasi sweater

  1. 🙂 I like your style, it’s easy, comfortable and chic! 🙂
    I so like comfortable clothes for myself, too – especially when it’s cold, like now. We’ve had some snow today, but by Sunday it’s supposed to be gone. So I wear layers – t-Shirt, sweater (s), shawl and a big fat down-coat that will protect me from the cold. But everything has to stay comfy, so that I don’t feel like a Michelin man, even though I look like it on days like these.
    xo 🙂


  2. You are my style guru – without you I’d just be a sloppy mess in a sweatshirt and no Martini Alviero handbag. As always, this is a great post (and I love your old bottle collection!).


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