chic ~~ finding my signature scents

I have no idea what just happened to December.  Swiiisssh….GONE.  It wasn’t my intention not to blog all month…it just sort of happened.  Of course, I have my reasons.  I was sick for couple of weeks–along with about half the population of Michigan.  And we have been busy doing some home improvements, namely the kitchen.  I will save all of that exciting, edge of your seat information for another time.  The kitchen stuff, not the sick stuff.  Just clarifying.

So here I am again.  I didn’t know what to write about so I consulted my “list of ideas” in my agenda.  Frankly, none of my ideas sounded all that great or interesting.  I think I am dealing with residual “attitude” after a long month of not feeling well.  Since I’ve got nothing better to offer, let’s talk perfume.

I have a love/hate relationship with perfume.  I wouldn’t say that I have chemical sensitivities but I do have a sensitive nose.  I either love or hate a scent–there seems to be very little middle ground.  Mostly I tend to hate them.  So when I find one I love I am genuinely amazed.

For about five years now (probably more) I have happily been wearing Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere.  I truly love it.  But I don’t like the original Chanel No. 5.  See what I mean?  I used to wear Chanel Chance but tired of it.  I thought I had found my “signature” scents with Chanel Coco and Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue until I read some article that rated those two in the top 10 of having some dangerous chemical in them that we should not inhale.  Drat. (no, don’t ask me what article or which chemical.  it was a long time ago and i don’t remember.  i just know what i read and it scared me.  i also don’t go looking for this type of information anymore because then i would probably start picketing perfume companies along with chicken and dairy farms. no, i don’t picket farms.  but i have thought about it. i digress.).

Since I really wanted more than one “go to” scent, I ventured into Jo Malone and fell in love with Vintage Gardenia.  This is the scent I will always connect to my daughter’s wedding.  We all wore it that day–the bride, the bridesmaids, the moms and cousins– along with gardenias on our wrists or in our hair.  Loveliness.  Of course, it got discontinued.  I tried a couple other of her fragrances, French Lime Blossom and Orange Blossom.  Loved those too but they didn’t become signature scents for me.  However,  since there is not a Jo Malone counter/store near where I live, buying Jo Malone fragrances became problematic.  Since I either love or hate a fragrance, I must smell before buying.  Taking a “chance” on a Jo Malone perfume is also way too costly.

I mentioned in my post about discovering Longchamp Le Pliage totes at the Dublin airport that I spent quite a bit of time in the Jo Malone store.  Thank goodness I had a very patient saleslady because I had to have annoyed.  I went in with one idea about what I wanted (something fruity with a touch floral) and left with something totally unexpected.

Blue Agava and Cacao.  It is wonderful.  Just divine.  It is a wonderful mix of so many things.  But the one that comes to the fore is the cacao.  I never, in a hundred years ever, would have thought I would be drawn to the complexity of this scent.  Roses, gardenias, grapefruit…these are the scents I associate with a great perfume.  Cacao?  Noooooo,  Read this description:

“The rhythm of Latin music — sexy, edgy and persuasive. Fresh limes and zesty grapefruit dance over a heart of blue agava flower. Sea salt cuts through the primitive rawness of cacao to reveal the sensuality of vetiver, cinnamon and musk.”

Latin? Moi?

OK, so there is some fruit and floral in there but I am telling you, these are not what my smeller fell in love with.  However, in hindsight, I am not sure what a blue agava flower smells like so maybe that is part of the elixir that captured my fancy.  Guess who else loves it?

My husband.

 He usually can’t smell anything and very rarely has ever complimented me on a perfume.  But he does like this one.  Oh, yes he does.  And I am so happy that I bought this on vacation as a souvenir because now whenever I wear it, I am transported back to our beautiful trip to Europe.  Win, win.  I just hope that Jo Malone keeps this one around–forever.

It must have been the summer for new scents.  Soon after we returned from our trip, our niece and nephew came for a visit.  They surprised us with some very nice gifts for our 20th Anniversary.  My gift was a small bottle of “Blossom” by Eclat Essence.  Their perfumes are actually pure essential oils so (supposedly) those with chemical sensitivities can wear them.  However, they are potently fragrant so a little dab will do ya’.  “Blossom” proved to be a bit much for me (actually reminiscent of “Chanel No. 5”) so I decided to try a sampler of oils from Eclat Essence.  In so doing, I found my other perfume love, “Pink Lotus Lily”.  Again, totally not the scent I thought I would like.  I really thought “Joy” would be the one (grapefruit and bergamot) but it wasn’t (although I love it in their home candle).  If you are sensitive to chemicals but would like to try wearing a scent again, I would recommend looking into Eclat Essence.  I believe they have a sampler in their store that is under $10 so you can try them out safely first.

I know, I know. Perfume is such a personal thing.  What I may like, another may detest.  But it was fun discovering a couple of new signature scents.  I like having one that is more of a fall/winter scent and the other is definitely more evocative of spring/summer/tropical.  And I am really happy to have discovered Eclat Essence in the process.  Essential oils are great way to elevate well-being.

Are you happy with your smell scent?  Is it hard to find a perfume you truly love?



6 thoughts on “chic ~~ finding my signature scents

  1. 🙂 I’ve never been a great perfume buyer. Most of it is way over the top for me – too heavy, too sweet, to strong, you know what I mean. I’ve used Thierry Mugler’s Angel for about 15 years and people would say “this is you”. Then one day Hermès released Kelly Caleche and it was “mine” for another 5 years or so. Now I’m down to Jour d’Hermès Absolu for winter and Pamplemousse rose for summer and another 3 to 4 Hermessence fragrances that can mixed. What I also like about the Hermessences is that they can be purchased in little sets of 15ml bottles!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear Heather and I hope you’re felling well again! xo 🙂


    • Sounds like you have found your signatures!! Good for you. And that’s great you can get Hermessences in such small sets. Excellent! I guess Jo Malone is designed to be layered too but I think her prices are kind of high to do that regularly.


  2. You know, you could write an article about sheep shearing and I’d still be enthralled. I LOVE how you write. I know next to nothing about perfume but this is a great post! I learn so much from you! Or – maybe it’s what you said – I’m easily amused. Either way, I loved this and I hope you keep doing it. : )

    Still waiting for news from the kitchen!
    Happy New Year!


  3. Whew! I was getting ready to send the cops to do a home check on you. Glad you’re feeling better and I’m waiting for an invite to see what you did in your kitchen.
    Now – fragrance. Haven’t worn any in many many years. I’m not allergic but I have found that many people over-do it and I really, really don’t want to be seated near them while trying to enjoy a movie, etc.
    I had to get up and move at a workshop one time knowing there was no way to stay in that seat all day.
    Ok, now for my “blog observation:” while inside the parenthesis you use all lower case. The “i” caught my attention immediately.
    Is this a blog thing I should be adopting or just you being you? hehe


    • I know what you mean about perfume being over-powering sometimes. I hope I never do that to someone–I try to keep it light. And yes, the lower case in parenthesis is a me being me thing! : )


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