simple life ~~ black friday the stress-free way

I am not a huge fan of the whole Black Friday brouhaha.  Probably because I am not a fan of crowds and mayhem.  BUT I do like a great deal just as much as the next person.  In anticipation of today I did…nothing.  No lists were made, no ads scoured.  I just decided to see what offers would be in my in-box this morning.  What is nice about this way of doing things, is that I pretty much just get offers from the stores I know I like.  This makes the weeding tres facile!

So this morning I quickly sifted through the anticipated emails.  And here are the (hopefully) wonderful results:


I have never bought anything from J. Peterman but I subscribe to their emails because they often have a “vintage” look to their items…and their write-ups are a hoot.  Well today I took our relationship to the next level.  I bought a 1940s style cloche

1940's Cloche

and a red wool cape

Mysterious Red CapeMysterious Red Cape

Yes, a cape.  Before the snow started flying unseasonably early around here, I had the idea in the back of my noggin to at least consider the idea of a new/different coat this year.  And at some point of this deep thinking, the idea of a cape took form.  I have looked for them when at Goodwill, on Ebay and added a few to my Favorites on Etsy because I like to buy used first.  However, my searches have been in vain–either a cape was the wrong color, wrong size, the seller had a no return policy, etc.  So when I saw this fabulous, 100% WOOL red cape on the Peterman sale, I knew I had to try it.  I hope it will be the perfect fit.  I thought I was alone on this new-to-me-cape-love but I take comfort in knowing I am not alone.  Check out this post from Adrienne, who is about 100x the fashionista I could ever hope to be.  As for the cloche…well, a nice winter hat has been needed for a long time.  Hats are a hard fit for my big, frizzy head so I am not optimistic about this one.  Yet, should it work, how darling to wear with my red cape!!


I love Gaiam.  I buy my shower filters from them.  Plus, I love that they offer organic and/or free trade options in their bedding and towels.  Today they had an Organic Cotton towel set on special for $29.99 (2 wash cloths, 1 hand towels, 1 bath).  The product had great reviews, they had a color that would work in my bath AND I just told Brett a few days ago I needed to start replacing some of our towels that were either getting that “stink” or are fraying.  Three sets were quickly placed in the cart which made me just a few dollars shy of free shipping so I looked around a bit more.  I found a great gym bag for my husband, who has pined for one since he started both a gym membership and going to the pool for lap swimming, for the astonishing low price of $19.99 (marked down from $78).  He will be thrilled.

And that’s all the damage done.  Everything I bought was on a “need” list so it was virtually guilt free and painless.  OK, maybe the cape isn’t a “need”, per se, since I still love and wear my vintage Goodwill/Estate sale winter coats.  But sometimes we just need to reluctantly update our look.

How about you?  Any good deals to share?


UPDATE:  the cloche was a fail.  i was right about my big, frizzy head.  the cape is a keeper.  the towels are wonderful. and hubs likes the gym bag.  not bad.


9 thoughts on “simple life ~~ black friday the stress-free way

  1. 🙂 Dear Heather,
    congratulations on your new cloche and cape! Will you look like Little Red Riding Hood? This is meant to be a compliment!!!
    This Black Friday Hype is beyond me. I know from my cousins in the US that some of them would get up beyond the alarm clock to get to the shops. Forget it. The only sale I’ll get up for is Hermès 😀 hahaha! 😀
    Have a very relaxed and HAPPY weekend! xo 🙂


  2. I’m still up to my eyeballs in Christmas projects that I can never seem to finish. LOVE all your purchases – especially that cute cute hat! It’ll look great on your big frizzy head! (that made me laugh!) But I did think of you today as I found Smash books on clearance at TJ Maxx for $3 …. needless to say, my niece is now getting one and I snagged one for myself! : ) Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Shower filter work like drinking water filters do. It helps to get chlorine and other irritants out so it is better for your skin and, for some, even breathing. I love our and have noticed improvement in my skin over the years–doesn’t get as dried out and I use less moisturizer.


  3. If you want to try getting rid of the funky towel smell… when mine get like that I add a cup of white vinegar to the washing machine and it usually does the trick.


  4. so funny; I just ordered my first thing(s) from J Peterman. Used to get their catalogs, and love the writing! I found some high waist trousers that I am totally loving. Seriously, they’re wonderful. I’m going to blog about them.
    Your hat is super cute, and love the cape.


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