simple life ~~ hit the floor…snoring

The “simple life” had taken on a whole new level here at Chez Bliss.

Floor level.

For some time we have been trying to figure out what to do about our squeaky bed.  Extremely squeaky.  Not just when there are things happening that we do not discuss on this G rated format but squeaky when one just turns over in bed at night. Squeaky when one gets in, squeaky when one gets out.  Squeaky when one exhales on it.  Squeak, squeak, squeak, SQUEEEEEEAAAAAK.  The bed has been on my last nerve for QUITE SOME TIME.  And since I moaned about it often and long enough (every night), hubs finally consented to my looking for a solution.  First, I had to figure out the problem.

Was it the mattress?  The box spring?  Unlikely because they were bought as a set not even five years ago.  The squeaky bed scenario has been occurring now for…oh…about the same amount of time.

Was it the metal frame?  Possibly but why??  We tried tightening up the bolts but they were already tight.

How about the floor?  Now that made a heap of sense considering how old this house is and we have bare wood everywhere. And not one floor is apparently level.  I have seen Rockefeller nose his toy ball around only to see it go across the room, arc around and come back to him like a boomerang.  Serious level issues. I felt pretty sure that it was a combo of the floor and metal frame (on wheels, no less, although locked).

When we were in Europe,  we never slept on a squeaky bed.  It was heavenly.  We also never slept on a box spring.  Every place we stayed had a mattress on a platform of some type.  I decided this was the way to go.  Forget metal frames.  Maybe I would even forget the box spring.  I started researching.

Soon I found a sharp looking platform bed from IKEA.  I loved that it came in black and offered under bed storage.  I also LOVED the prospect of not having to clean under the bed anymore.  Bonus.


Brett agreed this was a solid choice and the next time we ventured into IKEA territory, we would buy this particular bed.


I was appeased and happy with this future aspect.. quiet nights were just around the corner.  Pleasant dreams were within my reach.  But PATIENCE is not a virtue I possess.  Not for this.  Not after years of dealing with this stupid, crazy, loud bed.

I was done.

One night, a few weeks ago, I had my final breakdown/tantrum.  I begged Brett, “PLEASE! Until we get over to IKEA, let’s just get rid of the metal frame so I can have PEACE!!” (again, hoping the frame was the one and only issue).  Together we removed the offensive contraption.  We put the mattress and box spring in place, I belly flopped and was greeted with…


Oh. my. word.  After all this time, it was just that stupid frame.

The next few nights were blissful.  So incredibly blissful.  After about a week, I asked Brett, “Is there anything wrong with two adults sleeping on mattresses on the floor?”  He laughed and said he didn’t think so.  I responded, “then, I don’t think I want to get a platform or anything.  I want to leave it like this.”  I don’t think he thought I was serious but perhaps found some relief in knowing I wasn’t going to nag him to death about doing a 6 hour round trip excursion to IKEA in the near future.  And no I haven’t nagged him because I am serious.

I LOVE my bed like this.



We have the deeper mattress so it is a high bed anyway and having it on the floor doesn’t look too ridiculous.  At least not to me.  And it is QUIET.  What if we get a platform and have the same issue because the floors are uneven?  I know we could shimmy things up to make it work but why bother when THIS works?

I quit asking about the IKEA bed.  He noticed.  Finally, he asked if I was serious about this idea.  I said, “I think so but I do wonder what people will think.”  Not that many people come by to check out my sleeping quarters but you know…we are really diverging off the path of “bedroom etiquette”.  Freaks.

These were my conflicting thoughts for a couple of weeks.  And then one night, on a whim, I pulled out one of my French living/decor books, “Bringing it Home France”.  This is hands down my favorite one because there is such a “real” feeling to it not just decor fluff.  Well!  I almost FELL OFF THE BED (thankfully it’s not a fatal drop anymore) when I saw this:


and this:


and THIS:



These beds don’t look any higher than mine.  Is it a mattress and box spring on the floor?  Or is it a normal size mattress on a platform?  We don’t know and it doesn’t matter because it works.

What’s more, I am not weird!  I’m just, as I have long suspected, FRENCH.  My decision to do this makes complete and total sense to me…and at least three other French people (from the 1990s).  I am totally cool with it now.

As of this writing, I have no future plans of bringing our bed off the floor.  Every night when I get in it (and sometimes during the day), I automatically say, “I just love my bed”.  And if I love it, why change it?

Do you love your bed?  Are you old-fashioned (and non-French) and use an actual bed frame?  LOL!  Just kidding.



9 thoughts on “simple life ~~ hit the floor…snoring

  1. My dear, you can NEVER leave the blogosphere because you are just too darn entertaining! This made me laugh from start to finish, and although I sympathize with the squeaking problem I think you have solved it in a simple, inexpensive, and very chic way! It looks way more French than the Ikea solution. And no dust bunnies under the bed! One question, why does it say that you posted this tomorrow? Other than that little mystery, this post is a winner – thanks! : )

    Liked by 1 person

    • I live in the future? Actually, I think when I switched my blog over to Chez Bliss, it defaulted to UK time. I need to go change that. Thank you for your positive comment…as always. I think switching from VFC to CB might have been a death sentence to my blog. C’est la vie. At least I know you are still reading it!!


  2. 🙂 Oh, my, I laughed long and hard!
    As always, you come up with the very best ideas!
    I think we have totally different beds in Europe compared to the ones in the US, but it doesn’t matter – important is that the bed is comfy and that you don’t want to get out!!!
    Yours looks lovely and I would agree…it looks French!
    Have a great week, my chère! xo 🙂


    • Well, Claudia, I am happy to know that I made you laugh…and that you “get” my humor. Yes, you do have different beds in Europe. I wonder why it would be different? Here in the States you pretty much don’t go shopping for a mattress unless you are buying a box spring to go with it. I have noticed (probably thanks to IKEA) a growing trend with the platform beds. Even then, I still see some of them with both a mattress and box spring. All I know is that I slept good while overseas and it never involved a box spring! Thank you for the comments!


  3. I didn’t even know your bed was on the floor, it still looks fairly high. I thought the first picture was your “before” picture, and I was looking for the “after.” I would totally go for it. No worries about cleaning under the bed, either. Funny story, I enjoyed it.


    • Well. How about that? You didn’t realize it wasn’t on a frame so it must not look too ridiculous. It is funny though because I have looked through that French book hundreds of times and never made the connection that the beds were lower than what I usually see…until my own bed was on the floor. And yes! No more cleaning under the bed!!


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