here i am at chez bliss…

…where I have always been–well, since I started blogging 4 years ago.  Many of you have read my blog since the days of “Stepping My Way to Bliss” (thank you!).  And then you followed me over to “Vintage French Chic”(merci!).  And wouldn’t you know it…

…I’ve decided to move again!

For the last time–I hope.

I was very tempted to give up blogging all together this time around.  So. Very. Tempted.  But I got some great advice from a fellow blogging friend and decided to think about what she said before I made any rash decisions and hit the big DELETE button.

My thoughts kept coming back to one basic truth…if I quit blogging, how/when/where will I write?  I am certainly not going to be disciplined enough to journal daily or start the next great 21st century novel.  I would like to think I am that industrious and determined but I am not.  As much as I love to write, I don’t want to feel the pressure of doing it.  I want to just sit down and let my thoughts and fingers fly when they are moved to do so.  Maybe that will be often and maybe not.  But I need an outlet that is fun and creative and blogging seems to be the fit.

In the past I kept trying to “brand” myself on the blog.  I ventured into “fashion” blogging because I enjoyed other blogs that were considered fashion blogs.  But unless I was pretending to be a “JCPenney model” and goofing off, feeling comfortable in that blogging format just wasn’t happening.

Then I thought I should streamline into three favorite topics; vintage, french, and chic.  That worked for me but I found I wanted to add in my (amateur) photography too.  And once in a while, I would find I had a topic to share but it didn’t really fit into any of my categories unless I got super creative.

Am I a “lifestyle” blog?  I don’t think so because I don’t want to “sell” a certain lifestyle.  What works for me may not work for any other person on the planet.  I get that.

I decided to tweak a few things.  “Stepping My Way to Bliss” has disappeared.  All the content from “Vintage French Chic” was imported to this new blog.  I chose the name “chez bliss” to encompass all the interests I will write about under one simple umbrella (my house is historic and named “The Bliss House”; “chez” is obviously my nod to my love of France and all things French).  Everything thing I do , everything I experience, everything I read happens/originates from my home…here at chez Bliss.

My other “mental” tweaks are these:  I am not going to worry about the stats and numbers of this blog.  I am not going to wonder who has me on a bloglist and who doesn’t anymore (if you do, merci!).  At this time, I will not have a bloglist either. I will continue to link to blogs/posts that I find enjoying or interesting–I love doing shout-outs!   I am not going to pressure myself to comment on the other blogs I do read– when moved to comment, I will.  I am setting these parameters for myself because the biggest gripe I have had about blogging is the TIME SUCK it can become.  In essence, I am trying to “simplify” my blogging experience so that I can still find enjoyment in the process.

Blahbiddyblahbiddyblah.  Enough about all that.

I hope you all will stay.  If not, I understand but I will miss you.  I DO appreciate anyone who takes the time to read or consider my drivel.


(cruising the rhine river)

And without further ado:

Bienvenue a chez bliss!



24 thoughts on “here i am at chez bliss…

  1. Heather I haven’t been able to leave a comment for months, despite repeated attempts. Here I am trying again and keeping my fingers crossed. It doesn’t matter how often you blog, I for one will always read! Hope gorgeous Rockefeller is well. x


    • That is so weird that you couldn’t comment before…it must have had something to do with moderation but I never saw your comments waiting for approval. Well, those days are over my friend! Thank you for popping in and for reading. You can see Rockefeller in the window on my header photo wanting to say hello!


  2. Love the ever changing you!!! Always for the better. Always for the right reasons. Always as your life changes. Looking forward to more of your “drivel”, photos and perspectives! XOXO mon cheri!


  3. You have some of the most entertaining drivel on the planet … love your new look and philosophy! And is that Rockefeller peeking out the front door in the header??? : )


    • Could we consider that you are possibly easily entertained? LOL! Thank you for your input and encouragement. And yes, that is the little rascal Rockefeller in the window. Do you think this header photo works? I am still hunting for the bienvenue sign. ; )


  4. I’m here to stay. I can prove it too. I put this new one in my “blog” folder.
    It used to bug me that people didn’t leave comments on my blog. I read a handful of blogs and some of them get a ton. I’ve over that now.
    I do, however, check to see how many have read it and when I link it to Facebook, people comment there.
    Most of all, though, I write for myself and my mom. She’s my biggest fan and she gets such a big kick out of reading it.
    I went back to the beginning of my blog and read some entries that just cracked me up. I don’t even remember writing them – fresh stuff – to me, anyway.
    I write because I enjoy it and it’s a way to chronicle my life.
    Maybe after I’m gone someone will read it and say, “damn – sure wish I’d known her.” hehe


    • You. crack. me. up. Seriously. Thanks for following over to chez bliss. I read your blog–I do! Just haven’t been commenting. But don’t think I don’t care!! Blogging IS a good way to chronicle things. I have gone back through some posts and thought–oh wow, that was a great time/experience/bad outfit.


  5. I am staying; I may not always comment but have been enjoying reading. I like the name of your new blog and sounds so much more meaningful, under one umbrella, under one roof ….
    Happy autumn, et à bientôt 🙂 Boriana


    • You are a sweetie. Thank you for following along. As for my “new look”, when I was scrolling through theme options for WordPress, I saw one called “Blissful Blog”. Huh. Thought I had better try that one on for size. So far, I like it and I can change it up a bit with the seasons.


  6. Congrats for following your blogging heart, Heather. And got having the strength of your convictions to do what’s right for you. I have long been wanting to simplify my blog, and delete my blogroll, but I didn’t want to offend anyone. Who cares? It’s my blog! Anyway, bonne chance in your new blogging adventure. Xo


    • You are such a busy mom and making cross-country moves, I have no idea how you find any time to blog. So kudos to you, ma chere. There are ways to simplify if that is what you are looking for. The biggest step is letting go and forgiving ourselves for not being able to do it all–at least that is what I had to do. Now I need to hop over to Grunge Queen and catch up on your latest and greatest. : )


  7. 🙂 Congratulations on your new blog, dear Heather!
    I’ve followed you around and will even if you decide to change your blog name and move on, again! 🙂
    All the very best to you xo 🙂


  8. Hi Heather. My view is that unless you are blogging as a business, to make money, who cares what anyone else thinks? We write to please ourselves first and if anyone else likes it, that’s gravy. I must admit I fell away from reading when I couldn’t put my tuppence-worth in, somehow commenting when I have something to say makes your blog feel more personal for me, whether or not you reply. Glad you’re not giving up, whatever you decide to talk about! I’ve seen loads of lovely things on your blog and been inspired to try to appreciate the beauty I find in my life.


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  10. I’ve happily followed you through all your blog names and styles. What remains consistent is your ability to make us smile. I’m glad that you decided to stick with it. 😀


  11. I love it. And though I’m not around much myself, you still pop into my mind. Isn’t it funny that we can actually have people in our lives that we relate to and consider in our thoughts… that WE HAVE NEVER MET! Anyway… I’m going to try to email you as I have something I think you might like. And if not… that’s ok too! cheers x wendy


  12. I identify with all the issues you list about blogging. I sometimes feel as though I can’t live with it but neither can I live without it – they say that about ‘women’ don’t they? Or is is men…never mind. It’s a challenge. I see you’ve not been here for a while. I confess to having been lazy about changing the URL on my blog list, so I’ve lost track of you. The Rhine is a delicious place to cruise isn’t it? We’re headed to Budapest and Vienna this summer to visit with Bill’s sister from Sydney. It should be fun. Hope all is well with you.


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