photography ~~ contrasts (weekly photo challenge)

Can’t believe a week has flown by!  I didn’t intend not to post–it just happened that way.  And, sorry to say, it looks like another blogging break is on the horizon for July.  Waaaaay too much is going on and my attention and energies need to be focused elsewhere.  So, for now, please enjoy my entry for this week’s photo challenge:  contrasts.

I took this picture on a walk in our local cemetery around mid-Spring.  I like the contrast between new life and death.


Have a wonderful July!  I hope you have made all sorts of fantastic, summery plans.

OH!  Please visit the Daily Post for more contrasts.

A bientot!



7 thoughts on “photography ~~ contrasts (weekly photo challenge)

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    • Oh, you are a sweetie. We were gone almost 3 weeks in July. I came home to my dog needing knee surgery (sigh–again…other knee this time). So I have just been overwhelmed with that, trying to get back into a routine and questioning whether or not I want to continue blogging. Thank you so much for checking in on me! xo


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