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I thought I would write about a few recent upgrades that have happened around here.  You know I never push products or advertise on this blog (except when I add to my Etsy store).  So what I am about to share is just to simply put the information out there and give my opinion on these finds.

My belle fille recently hosted a Norwex party.  Have you heard of it?  I hadn’t.  And instead of me going into some long explanation about the products and what they are and what they do and how they do it and why, I will have you just click HERE to read it all somewhere else.  That being said, I have to tell you, I am intrigued by these microfiber cloths.  Even before I went to her party I did some research and found a lot of great reviews–everywhere–about them.  I have used them in the kitchen for about a week and I like them a lot!  AND, I bought a body cloth for removing my make-up (with just water and the cloth).  Guess what?  It works. It removes the mascara too.

Blows my mind.

Cleaning without chemicals is of great interest to me.  And saving on paper towels is another added bonus.

Another upgrade?  AWESOME skin care.  Natural skin care is important to me.  I tend to go the organic route when possible.  I have used and loved products by Jason Natural (I adored their Vitamin C serum until they changed the formula), SIBU, 100% Almond Oil (any organic brand) to name a few.  I have also used products by Paula’s Choice.  My point is that I wasn’t really looking for a new skin care line.  It just sort of happened…thanks to Jennifer at A Well Styled Life.  She made mention on a post about trying Kari Gran Skin Care and loving it.  Of course I was curious so off I went to the website, poked around, read reviews and bought a trial set.

Starter Kit

Immediate love.

Just the smell alone is so luxurious and soothing–intoxicating!  I feel like I am giving my skin a spa treatment with every application.  Her system is a three-step process including a cleansing oil, hydrating tonic and an essential serum (I adore serums).  And her products are natural.  Note (from website):

“Kari Gran is an eco-luxe skin care brand providing a simple, elegant, all natural skin care solution that works flawlessly for any age and skin type. Beautiful skin isn’t a gift or something you can buy; it’s a habit cultivated holistically. Our products are hand poured with the highest quality natural, organic, wildharvested and non-GMO ingredients, our simple, easy-to-use, all natural skin care system results in an everyday ritual. Always paraben and toxin free—the little black dress of eco-skin care.”

I will be sticking with this from now on*.  I will forego the cleansing oil step because of using the Norwex cleansing cloth for now but the Tonic and Serum are must haves.  My next thing to try is her lip whip.

My final upgrade:



I bought new straps via Ebay for my beloved straw bag.  This bag belonged to my Grandmother but I have hesitated using it because the old leather straps were weak and breaking apart.  I have bought leather straps for my vintage Coach bags before from a company on Ebay.  But they are kind of pricey ($25-30 each) and I needed to buy two.  This time I looked for more affordable companies that offered similar options.


I bought a set in brown leather (not the chocolate color) and they match the existing leather detail almost perfectly.  I am pleasantly pleased!  And these straps are longer than the originals so I can wear the bag on my shoulder.

 I am not the only one in love with these vintage beauties.  Check out Janet at the Gardener’s Cottage.  And my giveaway winner, Linda, wrote to tell me how much she loves hers.  And Kate Spade.  Hello? Doesn’t she always “bring back” some sort of straw bag for Spring/Summer?

That’s it.  That’s all the upgrades going on around here.  My next post will tell you about how I am living smaller.

Happy Monday!


*I had worked my way through my skin care products so it was time to start shopping for replacements.  Nice coincidence!


8 thoughts on “chic ~~ upgrades

  1. I’m so glad you love the Kari Gran products!! I just think they’re outstanding. You’re right, like going to a spa. The smell is heavenly too. I’d never heard of these cloths so I’ll head over and read about them. I wasn’t as clever as you, to finish my old products first, so they’re on my beside table, treating my legs and feet…luxuriously:)
    I love straw bags. I don’t have any as special as yours, but a couple of 25 year old Kate Spades that never seem to go out of style. I’m curious to hear how you’ve been living small. That always appeals to me, and I like all the encouragement I can read! Enjoy your week. Xo


    • I actually thought about you when writing about Kari Gran. I wonder if she ships to Poland. I think you would really like the products. : )


  2. I always love to read your take on things. Your grandmother’s bag is wonderful – wish I’d gotten mine. I did find, in my attic, a nice straw bag that says inside “Handmade in British Hong Kong”. Not sure what vintage that is? But darn cute. And by the way, I may have said this before but if that’s your bedding I also have a toile comforter that reverses to a b&w stripe and there’s a b&w ticking pillow on top. Just sayin’


    • The Made in Hong Kong ones are the best! You will have to show me a photo of yours. Mine was made there too.

      Yes, I think you have mentioned the bedding similarities we have. I am not surprised in the least! What color do you coordinate with or do you just stick with the black and white?


      • I painted the walls a pretty tan color and accent with blue pillows and a very old blue fireplace mantel. I’ll send pictures of the bag! : )


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