vintage ~~ childhood relics

Have you kept anything from your childhood?  Do you keep it out on display?  Does it give you the warm fuzzies every time you look at it?  I have kept just a few things all these years.  We did a few cross-country moves while I was growing up so tossing things was a lot easier than hauling.  But a few little treasures managed to survive the long treks…and the careless handling of  youth.   Among those treasures are these little dolls:

photo (2)

I have had them since the mid-1970s.  A sister of a friend of my mom’s crocheted these little figures.  The only one that has gone missing is the dog.  He used to play fetch with the little boy.  But (probably) on one of those moves he got misplaced…or simply ran off.  Who knows.

I had these dolls on display in an old, wooden Coke crate.  But there has been some recent reorganization going on around here and the Coke crate had to go.  I didn’t know where to display these little troopers at first but then it dawned on me that putting them with my favorite childhood book series was the perfect pairing.

Those books…those dolls…make my vintage heart warm and happy.



17 thoughts on “vintage ~~ childhood relics

  1. Terrific shot of such cute little treasures. I also have a few items from when I was little and I display them in my kids rooms. Probably my favorite item is my first pair of shoes. They’re the same style as converse, but they’re white and have a kid version of the Green Giant all over them. I’ll never get rid of them.


    • Thanks, Shane. How nice for your kids that you have saved these things. I wish my parents had saved a few things from their childhoods. I don’t even think they have school yearbooks. Maybe they didn’t have childhoods (?). Hmmmm…


    • I knew you would like that (or any) photo of Rockefeller. Yes, I mourn the loss of the dog and I mourn the loss of a ceramic bottom half of a souvenir from Disney too (my brother broke it). Thank you for stopping by! xo


    • Thank goodness for us savers or gone would be the history of the world I tell ‘ya!! Aren’t those books just a gift to readers everywhere?


      • Yes as are all Vintage books which I love. I just bought a crochet book from the late 1800’s ! I love that stuff!


  2. I still have my Nancy Drew books. I learned so much from them! I love your little people and I miss the dog too.Bet he was cute! My big keep was a stuffed animal – i had many, but my favorite was a stuffed fox. Other kids had their teddy bears, I had a fox. I still have a soft spot for foxes in real life. : )


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