photography ~~ room (weekly photo challenge)

Another photography post?  Yes, sorry.  I will get back to French Fridays one of these days.  But today I needed a posting prompt that didn’t involve too much brain activity.  Thank you, Daily Post.

This week’s challenge is “room”.  I love this shot of Rockefeller.  Usually he is in the same room as me but sometimes he finds that he needs his space…you know, to contemplate the cosmos and all.  But no matter where he may land, he always seems to know my every move.


Have a great weekend!  And enjoy the other photos for this week’s challenge.



22 thoughts on “photography ~~ room (weekly photo challenge)

  1. I like the splash of color in the center and the darkness of the rest of the shot. As for the cosmos, cats may contemplate them but to a dog, the center of the universe is where you are.



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  5. At first glance it seemed as though he was at the edge of some water feature …. great shot …. the only thing missing is the reflection of the moon from above. Bravo 🙂


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  7. Bravo! This is an emotionally charged portrait. It fits the theme perfectly. You see the dog in this larger than life room with a ball at its side. Then you can well imagine Snoopy thinking to himself that he has so much time on his hands and no one to play with. Thanks for sharing!


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