photography ~~ split second (weekly photo challenge)

(from the journals of a backyard explorer)

Day 22:

The turdis migratorius (aka American Robin) landed hesitantly on the precipice of the resevoir (aka bird bath).  After watching with great interest in his bathing rituals, wondering who his big date was for the evening, I realized this was a perfect moment to capture–adding it to my voluminous archives (aka over”bird”ened hard drive) of the turdis migratorius.  I stealthily left my post and quickly retrieved my optical recording instrument (aka Olympus camera).  I was quick…but not quick enough because in a



He was gone!

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10 thoughts on “photography ~~ split second (weekly photo challenge)

    • I know! It happened so fast…I was thinking I got him before he took off until I looked at the screen. Worked out well!


  1. Where do you come up with this stuff?? I need to hang out with you for awhile so my brain acts like yours … “over”bird”ened”??? You are a genius with words! : )


    • OMGoodness. Haha…no! I am not a genius with words. You can hang out with me but I am not sure you will want your brain to act like mine–trust me. I was told long ago by an elderly gentlemen who I greatly respected that I “have strange thinking”. I was only 19. Think how much things have deteriorated by now. ; )


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