french friday ~~ a vintage french chic giveaway

Guess what today is?  My 200th post on this blog (and my 458th post since the beginning of my blogging experience).  To celebrate this milestone on Vintage French Chic, I am doing a giveaway.

Many of you were reading me back on my old blog so you know why I switched to a new blogging format and name.  For you newbies, the short explanation is I wanted to streamline my topics to the three (four if you count photography) I love the most.  For as long as I can remember I have loved vintage things and french things.  The love of “chic” things came a bit later…with age and chronic health issues (I had to start doing something with myself to look and feel better, for heaven’s sake).

I wanted my giveaway to reflect all three aspects of my blog’s name.  Therefore, my giveaway will include something vintage

something french


something chic!

How fun is that?!  So here we go…

First up, VINTAGE.  What is the perfect vintage thing for me to giveaway?  Think, people, think!  A handbag of course.  You all know how much I love my handbags and most of the ones I love and use are vintage.  Since warm months are upon us (Northern Hemisphere), I wanted to offer a bag that is quintessentially summer-y.  A coated straw/wicker handbag:

I have written before on this blog about how much I adore straw handbags for summer.  And there is just something about these coated straw/wicker ones that make me smile.  I have one that I inherited from my Grandma.  I don’t remember her using it but I love knowing that she did.  This particular bag for the giveaway is in superb shape.  The brown lucite handles really make it stand out too.  Forget Kate Spade wicker bags…get the real deal here!  For free.


Next up, FRENCH.  I had to think about this for a minute.  I thought maybe passing on a book on French living or style was an idea.  But instead I decided to offer a “taste” of France.  I am giving away a nice sample size of Mariage Freres Lily Muguet Green Tea.  This tea is sooooo yummy.  I won a sample of it in a giveaway a couple of years ago and fell in love with it.  It is very hard to find Mariage Freres tea in the USA but I was able to get a tin of it in Chicago.  And then, once I that started running low, my chere friend, Adrienne brought some back for Europe for me.  I don’t drink this during the Fall/Winter…I save it until Spring because it is so hard for me to get my mitts on it.  AND it is such a perfect Spring/Summer tea.  I will be sending the sample in a full-sized Mariage Freres tin (bonus!) so you can keep it and use it for something else later.


And finally, the CHIC.  In my last post I mentioned that I love watches.  When I was searching Ebay for my “new” Philip Stein watch, I found this tres chic dual time watch.  The seller said it is from Anthropologie and described it as “New without tags” (I see no evidence of wear–the protective plastic shield is still on the back too).  The faces of the watch are cream with silver numerals/hands giving it a bit of a vintage style.  It would be a great watch to use when traveling.  And when you aren’t, you can always be set on your home time and Paris time!



Included with the watch are two paper bead bracelets made by my neighbor and fellow blogger, Ellen (Ellen Alive!).  She is a bead making professional–she specializes in glass beads and paper ones.  I love wearing her bracelets with my watch because they are so light weight and colorful.

And I am including a sample of Tocca’s Margaux fragrance.  I hope you like it.  I love a couple of Tocca’s other fragrances but this one was a bit too powerful for me.

So what do you need to do to enter?!

Just leave a comment below that you would like to be included in the drawing. If the winner is from outside of the USA, I will have to omit the perfume and possibly the tea sample due to mailing regulations (as of writing this post, I have been unable to contact a HUMAN at USPS).  I will be leaving this open through April 30th.  The winner will be drawn and announced on May 2nd, on my French Friday post.  In the meantime, I will be on a blogging break.  My yard is screaming for some major attention AND we are in crunch time for the other BIG changes going on around here.  I need to focus my attention in these matters for now.  I know you all understand.

Please click on the link(s) below for more French Friday fun!  
If you too are a hopeless francophile and would like to link up with
French Fridays, please contact Heather at frenchchicvivant(at)aol(dot)com.
The more, the frenchier!
A bientot!



42 thoughts on “french friday ~~ a vintage french chic giveaway

  1. Yes please I would love to be included. Funny that you mention Paris time because one of the time’s I’ve set to my phone is Paris! As for shipping… I’ve shipped tea and perfume from Canada to Germany with no problems. I just didn’t mention them… A bit of a risk but usually it’s fine.


  2. Wow I’d love to win! That handbag is gorgeous!

    Tea and perfume shouldn’t be a problem with shipping, it would be an issue if it were dried meats, fruit or booze though ; )



  3. That bag is perfect for summer!
    I’d love to be entered in the draw….I think tea is OK to ship as I just had a blog giveaway and I sent it to the winner who lives in Wisconsin. I live in Canada….the perfume if it is in fact not eau de toilette is a banned substance. I found this out when I hosted a former giveaway and fortunately the post mistress noted that i was sending eau de toilette from Grasse France so it was fine to ship to the US.
    Enjoy the weekend!


  4. Oh, Heather, pick me, pick me!! what a fabulous and generous giveaway!! And, I am going to think about the French Friday link-up. It sounds like something I might want to do. I’ll contact you. In the meantime, have a wonderful blogging break. I just had a wee one, and it was enough to help me re-think things a little, which is great to do every so often.


  5. What a wonderful giveaway Heather!! That straw bag is fabulous. I’m a new lover of that brand of tea and have recently discovered we can order it from Dean & Deluca!! Please enter me!! Enjoy your garden and blogging break. I feel he need for one myself. xoxo


  6. I’ve just discovered your blog and am enjoying going through previous posts. Please enter me in the drawing. I am intrigued by the tea, especially. Thank you.


  7. Count me in! As always, this is a great post and so much fun to read. I hope all your changes are coming together (can’t wait to see pictures!) and enjoy your break! Happy Easter (and I love that watch!) : )


  8. The giveaway items are wonderful! I am A recent convert to the tea brand and I love it. Hope you at least had a chance to start the yard work.


  9. would love to be included! the bag is so lovely. My grandmother bought me one at a resale shop back in 1968. It was navy blue and I carried it like a big girl. Wish I knew what happened to it. It cost my grandmother 75 cents!


  10. Great weather for yard work, have fun! Now that I am finished playing in the dirt, I can start packing for my trip to Paris in May :))
    Love your blog, very informative and practical; already have great ideas.
    Beautiful items in your giveaway; would certainly love to win that French wicker handbag that I’d take to Paris with me 😉
    Thanks so much!


  11. My mother had a handbag just like the one that you are giving away. Every time that I am out “treasure hunting” I am on the lookout for one. It’s nice to know that there are still a few out there waiting to be discovered. I’m very excited about having a chance to win this bag.(plus all the other delightful items)


  12. i would like to be included . thanks . I have heard good things about mariage freres tea but never tried it . kusmi tea is also good .
    tumblemumbo at


  13. Congratulations on your post milestone! I love your taste and style 🙂 I have been on a 6 week hiatus myself and just coming back. What was I doing? Yardwork….I feel the pain you will undoubtedly experience picking weeds, pruning, shovelling and such. Happy gardening my friend.


  14. What a wonderful giveaway! Please, pretty please, include me in it. I live in Spain so sadly I won’t be able to win the perfume but that watch is amazing! Ideal for me as I live in Spain but my children live in the UK, so I would be able to see both times.


  15. Heather, beautiful give away – and I really hope that you have a pleasant blogging break .. and enjoy your time with your “boys” and the spring. Don’t worry about the perfume .. I have ordered perfume over Ebay from US – no problem … I would love to take part in this drawing.
    Enjoy Spring!


  16. As I’m already quite “vintage”, I’d certainly like to be chic and French too. Please include me in your lovely giveaway…


    • Awwww…I’m sorry, I closed the giveaway this evening and the winner has been drawn. She will be announced in the morning. Thank you for stopping by!


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