french friday ~~ new french-y reads


This week I wanted to share some books with you that I have recently bought.  I enjoy reading “memoir” type books about people who give it all up and move to France.


I have read many and I can’t think of one I didn’t like.  Now I have added some new titles to my library.  I was hoping to have finished this first one before blogging about it but I have not.  I am in the middle of it and adoring (almost) every moment.

Paris Letters

(via barnes and noble)

What I appreciate about Janice’s story is everything she consciously did before realizing her dream.  She knew she had to save up a load of money to make her dream work.  And she did it!  Granted, she had a good job and only herself to consider through this process.  But she was very proactive in making her plan happen.  And it all started with minimizing and not spending money.  For a year.  Reading of her success makes me more determined to stay on my minimizing path.  Can I, will I, be able to move to France in a year?  No.  But I love thinking of it as part of a three to five-year plan.  If not France, definitely abroad somewhere for the sheer experience of it.  The only reason I haven’t finished her book is because I have been also reading her blog.  Her writing and voice are so refreshing.

My other books waiting in the wings are these:

(via Amazon)


(via Amazon)

So many books, so little time.  Can’t wait!

Do you enjoy reading memoirs?  Where would you move if you could live anywhere?

Have a beautiful weekend!


P.S.  I am working on a giveaway idea…more details to come!!


11 thoughts on “french friday ~~ new french-y reads

    • I am glad you are patient! Whether it is France or somewhere else, I am ready to make a big change like that. I think. ; )


  1. These look like great books! Having moved from Oklahoma to Utah and from the US to the UK, I’m conscious that with each move I have to ‘start over’. Not just find a place to live, bank, have my hair done, etc., but to find new friends. I have managed to keep in touch with some of my old friends, but of course not at all in the same way as if I’d stayed close by. I would love to live on the Med – Nice, Barcelona, Genoa all look great; however, I don’t speak any of those languages fluently. I’m sure I’d manage fine as long as Bill was with me, but if anything happened to one of us the other would be very alone. Moving to a new place is something best done when you’re young, I think. I would consider buying a very small flat in any of these places to use as a second home, but I wouldn’t leave behind our current home – because that is where our friends are and family can easily visit. Or maybe I just think too much?


    • You make some valid points to think about before taking the plunge. Yes, I definitely see me doing something like this with my husband—and if something happened to him while we were there…never thought that far in advance. As long as I keep things simple, hopefully I can move anywhere, anytime?? Wishful thinking.


    • My pleasure! I hope you will enjoy the books. Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up with all the books I tend to get before realizing how limited my time is. Isn’t that how it goes for those who love to read!!


    • My list is too long too. I try to be good AND I try to get titles through the library first but they seldom have these types of books. Happy shopping!


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