photography ~~ my first spring day

We have had a couple of nice days since the official arrival of Spring but I would have to  say that today was my official spring feeling day.  I opened some windows in the house to let in fresh air and let out the stale.  I cleaned off the back patio, brushed off the chairs, spiffied up the glass table, set out a couple of decorative items and then hung this:


And now I wait.

I am looking forward to more “real” Spring days.  How about you?



11 thoughts on “photography ~~ my first spring day

  1. Jealous … it’s been very spring-like here but I’m not home during the day so can’t open the windows. If I hung this at my house all I’d attract is black bears. Time to bring my feeders in, let the cats out, and enjoy the sunshine! Bring on spring!


    • LOL! Your bringing your feeders in and letting the cats out? Poor kitties! Happy bears.

      Kidding aside…yes! Bring on Spring!


  2. I love your little feeder….some days here it’s very Spring-like but other days I’m reaching for my winter clothes. It seems like it’s been a very long winter for everyone.


    • It’s been just a little to crazy cold. I am trying to ignore it but I can’t believe how much better I feel when the sun is out–even if it is not super warm. Today we are back to dark, cloudy rain. Grrr. ; )


  3. Beautiful image and feeder – so glad that you have got a feeling of spring now – after that tough winter.
    Over here the spring is nearly 4 weeks early – we had sun for 12 days now, not complaining. Go out and delight yourself in the spring.


    • I just read on Wild Birds Unlimited’s blog that we should pay taxes and put our hummingbird feeders out by April 15th. It was on my mind the other day so I thought I would do it then so I would forget. Maybe they will come early? I swear the robins did.


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