vintage ~~ impractical wants/loves

I had to share these items because of their uniqueness and ability to make my heart pitter patter a little faster.  First is this GORGEOUS Murphy Bed:


This is the prettiest version of a Murphy Bed I have ever seen.  Stunning!  You could put this anywhere and no one would ever know it was a bed.  Sigh.  If only I had an area for it….and an extra grand for something so frivolous.

I have always loved the idea of a Murphy bed.  It’s a perfect solution for small space/home living.  I remember seeing them used in classic movies a lot–usually by urban living characters who were trying to make it in the “Big City”.   According to Wikipedia they have been on the come back since the 2010s with the downturn in the economy causing adult children to move home with their folks.  Interesting.

Well, if I don’t have space for one in my house for humans, maybe I could get one for Rockefeller:



Do you want more frivolity?   I saw this in the same store:



 It could almost be a NEED because I recognize its potential therapeutic benefits.  I would chalk paint the seat turquoise or pink and dedicate a corner of my house for it…if I had a corner to dedicate (I have considered the dining room).  Only $95 and in working order.  Major sigh.  What a great way to be warm and tune the world out.


Maybe one day I will have a studio apartment in the heart of Paris.  In it you will find my Murphy Bed and a set of beauty salon chairs…and it will be VintageFrenchChic.

Until Friday, mes cheres…



8 thoughts on “vintage ~~ impractical wants/loves

  1. The Rock definitely needs a Murphy bed.
    I spent many hours underneath my very own hair dryer like the one you showed minus the attached chair. Mine sat on the desk in my bedroom. Wow, what a blast from the past.


  2. The Murphy Bed is so beautiful … wonderful piece – I can see Rockerfeller on it. I don’t know about the chair … I want my hair to be dry so soon as possible, but a show piece if I had the space, the bed I would go for. I hope you get your studio apartment in Paris and that I will get my sea view one in Biarritz.


  3. I see absolutely nothing weird about wanting either of these things. That bed is gorgeous and the chair-love just proves you are imaginative and eclectic. : ) Invite me to that apartment in Paris? I’ll bring the Laduree macarons……..


  4. Too fun! A Murphy bed for a dog! The other one is gorgeous, mind! Love the big hair dryer chair. Those are just the kind Grandmother had in her beauty shop when I was growing up. I hated sitting under them, they fried my scalp, but then I didn’t let her touch my hair much, I was scared I’d come out with a cap of purple-white curls!


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