french friday ~~ feelin’ very frenchy…and austrian

Bonjour!  And Happy French Friday.  Didn’t I just write a Friday post yesterday?  That’s how it feels lately.  Time is flying by and nary a hint of Spring is in the works.  Except the days are longer and the birds are chirping.  And those are tres bonnes choses.

Yesterday marked the return of my Breton top.  I had to exchange for another size.  And while shopping in France is a bit of a long process, thanks to the Atlantic Ocean and all, the exchange went smoothly and I love that I have a Breton top “made in France”.  Will anyone know this (or care) when I wear it?  Nope.  But I will have the inner smug satisfaction in knowing my Breton stripes are genuine.  I quickly tried a casual black skirt on with it to see how I like it:



I think it may look cuter with white linen pants or black crops.  We shall see once the warmer weather arrives and I have lost a few winter pounds (oh. it will happen.).

In other French news, I received a Hermes surprise in the mail too!  I won Happy Face’s giveaway the other day.



 She graciously sent my new Hermes Silk Spaghetti post-haste and, not only packaged it all up beautifully, included some wonderful Austrian chocolate.


 Be still my heart!!  Thank you so much, Claudia!  You are one chic femme.

Today my parents are coming in for the weekend.  They are helping with some of the changes happening to chez Bliss.  So I must say au revoir for now mes cheres.  I have to get some cleaning done, linens changed, lunch made and exercise accomplished all before noon.  That’s a lot.  Maybe I could count as exercise pushing the plunger down on my french press coffee pot?  Oui?

Please link up with another chic femme, Mme. Rebekah of Cupcake Caramel for more French Friday!

Have a great weekend!



6 thoughts on “french friday ~~ feelin’ very frenchy…and austrian

  1. Your Breton looks oh so chic!! I’ve never heard of an Hermes Silk Spaghetti. I’ll have to click over and have a peek. My winter pounds are holding firm unfortunately, so I’ll have to get more serious about it. xoJennifer


  2. I like your sweater and I like your look, but you’re right, with linen trousers would be lovely. The scarf, I already knew, is beautiful, and your necklace, too. French fashion perfect for you. Only one thing I do not like, that cuts your face. Happy weekend with your parents.


    • The first time I see you in the ‘hood wearing that striped Frenchy shirt, I promise to go all ga-ga with high pitched squealing and flailing arms. k?


  3. Congratulation, you where the worthy winner for this … from one chic lady to another. Dia, is such a good wrapper … the small extra details.
    Navy is suppose to be such big thing this season, but nothing in the shops over here … don’t know what has happen. I love navy in combination with red, white or … off white and cream.


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