french friday ~~ pink martini and the von trapps (what?!)

What a week!

We got our taxes done.  Not good news.  Is it ever?

I have painted three pieces of furniture.  Go moi!

Did some antiquing with hubs.

We went out to dinner and to a “Pink Martini” concert with dear family.

Heard the Von Trapp family singers perform.

(no, not these von trapps.)

Huh?  What?  Aren’t they all kind of like…dead?  Oui, mes amies.  In fact, the last surviving, original member of the Von Trapp Singers died just last month (Maria, daughter, age 99).  Very sad.  But the talent lives on through the grandchildren!  Did you have any idea?  I sure didn’t until at dinner, before the “Pink Martini” concert, my cousin mentions that the Von Trapps were traveling with “Pink Martini”.  First, I thought it was a joke.  Then, just as I was having trouble with the imagery in my head–bent over bodies with walkers, wheelchair clad chanteuses…wondering how they kept up with a tour schedule at their ages when I could barely stir up enough energy to go out for the evening, mid-week, no less…thinking what exactly is the life expectancy for the average Austrian-born yodeler–clarification was provided in a word: Grandchildren.  Oh.  Phew!


I am a HUGE “Sound of Music” fan.  In fact, I would probably rate that movie as my all-time-favorite-movie-in-the world.  Singing, action, suspense, love, amazing scenery all in one film–what’s not to love!?  However, I do know that the facts surrounding the “real” Von Trapps differ greatly from the Hollywood version of it–qu’elle surprise.  I made my peace with all that long ago.  Both stories are intriguing.  And the fact that these talented little refugees made quite a name for themselves after arriving in the USA is inspirational no matter the “real” story.

(not these “von trapps” either)

I waited eagerly for months to see the “Pink Martini” concert.  I love this group because they have such great variation in their songs and sounds.  They perform/sing in many languages–English, Farsi, Italian and FRENCH to name a few.  I literally had butterflies in my stomach thinking about finally getting to go.  And as if that wasn’t enough to be excited about, I was told I would be hearing the progeny of the Von Trapps too.  Holy cow.  What a night.

(yes!  these von trapps)


“Pink Martini” was as amazing as I hoped they would be.  They even sang one of my favorites, “Hang on Little Tomato” (merci, China Forbes!).  But hearing the quartet Von Trapp really made the concert special.  It was surreal sitting there, hearing their harmonic voices yodel and sing, thinking about who and where they came from– Great-Grandpere Captain Georg and Great- (Belle) Grandmere Maria Von Trapp.  It was really just too much.  And then they sang “The Lonely Goatherd” (which, I might add, I can perfectly, in pitch, sing croak along)–I was over the moon.  Tears.

 What a fun night!


Get Happy


Here’s a little French Fact from Wikipedia concerning “Pink Martini’s” first single, Sympathique:

“Their first single “Sympathique” became an overnight sensation in France, was nominated for “Song of the Year” at France’s Victoires de la Musique Awards.”

It really is a great song.  And obviously, the French love great music.  I also like “Je Ne T’aime Plus” (Get Happy) and “Ou Est Ma Tete?” (Splendor in the Grass).   On an Italian note, I adore, “Una Notte a Napoli” (Hang on Little Tomato).  Their music in general has such a “world” flavor.  To quote founder, Thomas Lauderdale,

“All of us in Pink Martini have studied different languages as well as different styles of music from different parts of the world. So inevitably, our repertoire is wildly diverse. At one moment, you feel like you’re in the middle of a samba parade in Rio de Janeiro, and in the next moment, you’re in a French music hall of the 1930s or a palazzo in Napoli. It’s a bit like an urban musical travelogue.” (italics mine)

Well said.  That is exactly why I love their music so much.  And by joining up with the Von Trapps, there is even more to love.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  As you may have noted last week, the link up didn’t exactly happen.  But I am ever the optimist so I am directing you to those lovely ladies again.

Cupcake Caramel

A Well Styled Life


P.S.  A big MERCI to all the positive comments/compliments on my last weekly photo challenge (perspective).  You all are so sweet!  I wanted to add a little FYI–which I will be adding to my “About” page too.  I never photoshop (as we understand photoshop to mean today) my pictures.  I may use a filter as I take a photo or in a very rare instance, I may “tweak” contrast or brightness, or do a slight crop, afterwards.   But in general, I strive to “capture and print” what I see through the lens at that precise moment.  It’s really just a fun little hobby for me.



20 thoughts on “french friday ~~ pink martini and the von trapps (what?!)

  1. I love Pink Martini!!! I once impressed a beau many years ago by singing along to Sympathique as it played on my car radio. He asked me what the words meant, and I made up some story (he spoke Russian, not French, so I got away with a mistranslation). It was so lovely singing to a fun song in French. Too bad the beau turned out to be a total tool…but then I wouldn’t have met and married M. Cupcake.


    • Sympathique is a great song. It was on one of my French music compilation CDs–and I loved it–without me realizing who the group was singing it. Now I have four albums. I am happy things worked out so well for M. Cupcake!


  2. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this group! I just went onto YouTube and listened to several of their songs — love them! thanks for the intro. What a treat to see them and the VonTrapps in person.


  3. What a combination Pink Martini and the Von Trapps!?!? Cool!
    Oh, gosh, Heather, I laughed so hard when I imagined the old Von Trapps doing a tour with their walkers and on canes… 😀 😀 😀 You should write a book or a regular column somewhere, I enjoy your posts so much (and I love The Sound of Music, too!)
    HAPPY weekend, my chère 🙂


    • Haha! This is my column–no one else would hire me. As always, thank you for reading. I love knowing that I can make someone laugh 1/2 way around the world. : )


  4. Wiping French egg off my face, as I read your wonderful post!I’ve been watching my grandson all week, and am so exhausted, I’ve got nothing else accomplished. So sorry to let you down again. I’ll email you when I finish mine and hope for next Friday! xoxo


    • I hope you had fun with your grandson. How nice you got to spend so much time with him. Yes, just let me know when you will be joining in. I won’t link up unless I hear from you first.


  5. Great post and I need to get out my Sympathique CD again … I agree with HappyFace, you should be writing a regular column somewhere. Oh wait, maybe this is it?? Keep ’em coming … they always make me smile! Happy Sunday!


    • Thank you…and yes, this is my column so I thank you for reading. We should make plans to listen to Sympathique at the same time on the same day! : )


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