chic ~~ it has been the season for boots

When I bought some boots early last fall in anticipation of the cooler colder months ahead, I had no idea how significant that purchase would be.  

Earth Origins Betty in Almond from

All I have worn are boots…for months.  I am still wearing them and I will probably continue wearing them until July.  Boots were about the best thing I could have bought for this winter.  Of course, there is a huge difference between “winter” boots and “fashion” boot.  I do own a black pair of “winter” boots that are passably fashionable.  But they are so stinkin’ warm I really don’t give a hoot about their fashion potential.  However, these brown, distressed leather boots by Earth Origins were bought for fashion (and comfort) but surprisingly they are pretty warm too.  They have been a wardrobe staple since November.

I love the look of boots with leggings.  However, I don’t like the look of my legs in leggings.  I found an alternative that works better for me…the J. Jill Slim Leg pant.  I wear these pants often and always with a long, tunic type top to hide my insecurities.  Here is an example of how I like to wear the pants and my comfy boots together:


  (My apologies for the photo quality and the FILTHY mirror.  I am not clear as to why I can not tell when my mirror is dirty unless I take a photo.  Next time I will remember to clean it first.)

 Chambray shirt with a cashmere sweater–super cozy.  Hey!  And there’s that scarf again. I wear it often since it goes with so many things.  But no doubt you are more distracted by that gorgeous Alviero Martini handbag?  I understand.  It was an amazing find on Ebay  Here it is again:


Awesomeness.  I think it is my favorite handbag ever next to my Classic Coach Willis.  Despite the map design, because of the colors it is surprisingly versatile and goes with almost anything I wear.

Have you had fun with boots this season?  Please join the other ladies who are doing so by linking over to Everything Just So and The Rich Life on a Budget for more “How I Wear My…Boots”.



20 thoughts on “chic ~~ it has been the season for boots

    • Thank you! I wish I could boast that it was all thrifted but it wasn’t—just the bag. However, I have owned that chambray shirt for years and years.


    • I adore these pants. They are the Wearever slim pants. They are a little pricey if not on sale but the Wearever stuff lasts a long time. Good investment.


  1. Love the boots, but yes, have to say, the purse is what really got my attention. I was looking at those on Ebay a couple years ago — love them. Not good you reminded me of them — I might have to go shopping again!!


    • Thanks! I don’t know if you saw my post about those bags but kind of like you, they just came up in my mind one day and I started searching for them because I didn’t even know who made them. I was super happy to find a great deal on Ebay. It took some patient searching but it paid off. : )


    • I love Frye boots…I can definitely see investing in a pair of those in the future. You’ve got a savvy and generous mom!!


  2. I didn’t notice your dirty mirror! Couldn’t get my eyes off that fabulous bag!! I have problem feet that hurt in almost everything so I’m always on the lookout for ones that don’t look orthopedic. These are pretty cute!


    • The boots are very comfortable with some great arch support. I hear you about the feet and pain. Seriously, the only shoes I can put on and actually feel “foot nirvana” are Danskos at this point (and these boots). Everything else is pretty much just a tolerated shoe. : )


  3. I really like those boots on you. I couldn’t tell the mirror was dirty. Ha, you should see mine with lovely hand prints from a certain 7-year-old. I am so sick of wearing my Sorels I can’t even tell you. We are supposed to get to 50 this weekend in NYC and I hope to rediscover some other shoes I own. Thanks for joining Adrienne and me for “How I Wear My: Boots” and thank you for the mention! XO, Jill


    • I am ready for other shoes too. And warmth! Hope you get the good weather this weekend. Take a stroll in Central Park for me. Thank you for hosting HIWM.


    • There is a lot of pink in this top which makes it wearable for me. True orange on me does not work. At all. Thank you!


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