french friday ~~ lampe berger

Happy French Friday!

I would like to say that the weeks are just flying by…and in a way they are.  But this Winter is just draaaaaaggggiing on.  I know I have posted about it before…and truly, I am not whining (much).  However, now that March is on the horizon, I am getting anxious for Winter–for SNOW–to be gone.  But sadly, there is absolutely NO HOPE of that in the coming weeks.  Last night we got another few inches and the forecast is calling for more in the coming days.  And, may ask, where do we put it??  LOOK!

My backyard:


  Do you see that mound between the tree and the bird feeder, in the background a bit?  That would be my park bench.

Peering out the front window:


 Do you know that I can’t see cars that are parked in front of my house on the street?  And notice the snow piles across the street…taller than my neighbor’s truck!  This is craziness.

Despite my utter disbelief in the shroud of whiteness around me, I have had a cozy time of it this year.  Lighting candles and the fireplace, being curled up with a book or a good movie–those are the things that make Winter bearable.  Well, that and opening packages.

This week I happily received two items that were “Made in France”.  I already told you about my Breton Shirt that I ordered.  I got it in on Wednesday.  And I love it except I have to exchange it for a size up.  Grrrr.  I worried about this as I ordered it.  I am often between sizes–sometimes a Medium fits, sometimes I need a Large.  This time I needed the Large.  Oh those tiny French people!  I am so envious.  The company is great with doing exchanges so I sent it off yesterday and will patiently wait for the next one to arrive.  Too stinkin’ cold to wear it anyway.

The other item I received was my “Paris Chic” fragrance for my Lampe Berger.  Do you use a Lampe Berger?  I first saw these years ago in a store in South Haven, Michigan while we were camping one year.  I was very tempted to buy one but for whatever reason (probably cost), I never did.  Then about a year ago, I found one at Goodwill for $9.99.  Score!  I was happy to have found one so reasonably…but then I never got around to getting any oil for it.  I totally planned to.  In fact, I tried to get some at that store in South Haven–only to find out the store is gone.  Figures.  I was hoping to smell fragrances before buying so I just kind of gave up the idea and the Lampe Berger has sat, empty and useless, on a bottom shelf in my living room.

But recently someone pinned this on Pinterest:

Paris Chic - Dreams of exploration - home fragrance - perfume diffuser - lampe berger paris


“Paris Chic”!  How could I NOT buy that for my home?  I decided to buy it without a smell preview.  Risky, I know.  It arrived the same day as my French Breton shirt.  What a great day!


 I fired it up and was impressed with how the whole thing works…but I am not sure I am “in love” with the fragrance.  It has a very strong rose scent–a bit overpowering.  I like floral fragrance but I like it better when mingled with other scents that subdue it.  No worries though…I will use it all up.  But I think next time I will try a fruity fragrance–pear or grapefruit.


I like the fact that my house now smells Frenchy!  If you use a Lampe Berger, can you recommend a scent?

Have a great weekend!  And don’t forget to visit Cupcake Caramel for more French goodness.



14 thoughts on “french friday ~~ lampe berger

    • Haha! Would you believe I have seriously considered it? I re-read that whole series about five years ago. It really does help one to appreciate our modern things.


    • Isn’t it great? We were below zero today. Some area north of us are in the negative double digits–without wind chill. Yes, smelling flowers should help to keep me hopeful for warmer days. At this rate, it may not be before July. Sigh.


  1. I’m so sorry about your snow. We have finally just started getting some rain here in northern CA!! Which we needed. I can never order from catalogues. And if I do, I order the size I think I may need, plus one size smaller and one size larger. Such a hassle. And then of course there are just some things that don’t fit me correctly, no matter the size. Thought of, planned on a French Friday post, but never got organized. I’ll try for next week. Enjoy your weekend darling. xoJennifer


    • Oh! I am happy to hear you are getting some rain. I feel bad for California–you all need it so badly. I think I should try your strategy for buying online–get at least a couple of sizes to save some time. Let me know if you do a French Friday next week so I can link up!


  2. I cannot even begin to imagine what that much snow must be like to live in (among, around?) It’s so pretty though!
    The lamp berger is such a beautiful color. I love cobalt. Could you possibly make your own lamp oil out of essential oils and whatever else is in it?


    • Since I have an extreme, unnatural fear of things that are flammable and have the potential to explode, I will probably just stick with Lampe Berger’s fuel. Even after lighting it, I had to fight the urge to duck. Yes, I love the blue color of this lampe too. : )


  3. My yard looks just like yours . . . sigh. and no end in sight. Thankfully, I also love reading and tea, and cozying up in front of a warm fire. Received a few books in the mail today to read. yay! I love online shopping, as sometimes the malls are so overwhelming. I can compare prices and styles from various vendors at the same time, and many places offer free shipping and returns. It’s worth the occasional return. Shoes and jeans are the only things I have to try on, but sometimes I even order shoes online.


  4. Holy moly! Not even in my childhood years in Montana did we have that level of snow. Your background looks like the epicenter of the Polar Vortex. What’s a chic girl to do? Wear fab boots, cozy up with a fluffy animal or blanket, and read the most esoteric novels to improve your erudite conversation skills. And then you’ll need to practice a squinty stance when someone asks you how you are so you can say with perfect pouty Sartre-ness, “Ah, la neige…a metaphor for life.”

    At least you don’t have rattlesnakes under all that snow. 🙂


  5. You have every right to whine and complain. That is a LOT of snow. I can’t even begin to imagine doing anything except curling up with my husband, my dog, a blanket, a good book and a hot drink. We go into shock around here if there’s more than an inch on the ground. Just loads of mud for us:)


  6. I’ve heard so much about Lampe Berger, but not (yet) purchased one. But I think I might finally walk down that road, thanks to your using one, too.
    Gosh, you are almost buried in snow! It’s unbelievable! When is it going to stop? We haven’t had any (apart from a few tiny flakes, maybe) in Vienna this winter, which is kind of sad. Keeping my fingers crossed that your tulips will blossom very soon in your garden 😀


  7. I have a Lampe Berger and love it! The scents I love are lavender and green apple. Green apple is so light and spring-summery. Lavender is year round. As weird as this sounds, the heavier scents do better in larger rooms. If the room is fairly small, they can overpower quickly. Maybe you can use your scent up by using it in a larger room. Hate to waste the expensive “juice”!


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