chic ~~ pursuing perfect pink pumps

Perhaps I am thinking Spring.

Perhaps I am easily influenced by what I see.

Perhaps it is both.

In any case, I have had quite the time of it lately, trying to find the perfect pair of pink pumps.  It may have started with the “How I Wear My…Pink” link up hosted by Adrienne and Jill.  During that event, pink pumps worn by some of the other ladies caught my eye.   A little while later, Adrienne again did a post about pink, this time focusing exclusively on shoes.  I soon found myself thinking a pink pair of pumps would be a welcomed addition to my rather boring shoe wardrobe.  However, finding the perfect pair was more than difficult for a variety of reasons.  The number one reason being:

I refuse to go shopping in actual, physical stores.

Kind of stupid, huh?, when one is looking for shoes.  Especially someone like me who has had some recent foot issues.  Stubbornly, I would not concede to going to a shoe store.  I confidently knew I would find what I wanted online.  No problem. Right!

I found a great pair on Ebay.  Great color, perfect heel, nice style, my size.  AND I would be shopping used first–a policy I really try to live by.

Problem #1

However, they were too tight.  Way too tight.  I thought I could manage the discomfort if I only wore the shoes briefly but then I recalled my recent bout with plantars fasciitis and decided against the martyr-shoe-wearing plan.  Back they went.

I was really diggin’ Adrienne’s pink heels by Ivanka Trump.  In her pink shoe post she linked to  Great news!  They were marked down to $39.99 from $120.00.  So I bought them.

Problem #2

They fit but my body went into convulsive shock once heels that high were placed on my footsies.  I have lived in Birkenstocks and Danskos for months–a heel that high was suicide.  Blast!  I was disappointed because I really did like them.  I was still thinking of “making them work” when I tried them on without any socks.  Massive toe cleavage!!  I can handle a little toe cleavage but not at the base of every. single. toe.  Uuugh.  Back they went.

Not one to give up–and only recently having been described as “determined” (interesting the context of that) by my husband–I tried again.  This time I searched by heel height and color.  And something finally dinged in my head that perhaps I should go with a brand I know my feet can handle.  So I found this pair by Sofft:

Potential Problem #3

They are a very interesting shade of pink/red/I don’t know what to call it.  They look like a color that belongs in Barbie’s shoe wardrobe which, of course, made me like them for some reason.  The heel is very modest (which means I can walk without full-body convulsions).  The fit?  Well, they were a little snug in the toe box but I knew going a size up with make them sloppy in the heel.  What to do? What to do?  My solution was to stuff socks in the toes, leave the shoes on a  heat register for a time, then walk around in them with really thick socks when they were quite toasty.  It worked!  They now fit very comfortably and slip on and off like Cinderella’s own glass slipper.  So Potential Problem #3 has proved to be a winner!  Thank goodness.  I was starting to create quite a dent in my bank account with return postage.

Would you wear pink pumps?  How do you like to shop for shoes?


PS  If you are looking for some free Spring Bling, click here for a fabulous Hermes giveaway from HappyFace!


21 thoughts on “chic ~~ pursuing perfect pink pumps

  1. Those are great shoes for Spring! I have my one pair of thrifted pink shoes that I love wearing to work. They add a hint of colour to my usual gravy outfit. I have to say, I do love all the ones you’ve posted here 🙂


  2. You have honed in on the problem with shoes. All the attractive non-old lady, got a little bit of style shoes have 3″+ heels. Option #3 may be comfortable but they lack style and are old lady, I-have-never-been-naked shoes. There’s got to be a choice between birkenstocks and 3″ heels. And for that I am still looking.


    • This made me laugh…then scratch my head. I am pretty comfortable with wearing old lady shoes–especially since I totally look forward to shopping in the Koret and Alfred Dunner sections of the department store when my time comes.


      • Nothing wrong with Koret or Alfred Dunner if that’s what you want. But feels as if there are no options between Alfred Dunner and Frederick’s of Hollywood. I should start a company selling high fashion, sexy 2″ heels . . .


  3. I read the same posts, and really wanted that Ivanka Trump pink shoe, but they were sold out in my size! Drat!! You didn’t happen to send back an 8, did you? 🙂 I do wear the 3 (or 4) inch heels, but only for a few hours at a time. However, there’s been so much snow here, and with wearing boots, I’m probably out of practice. Your new shoes will go great with lots of different options. Pretty color, and Sofft is such a comfy shoe.


    • I am impressed that you can still wear skyscraper heels. I could “maybe” handle 3″ for about 2 hours then I would be whining and carrying on like the princess who slept on the pea. Not worth it. I am hoping to keep the Sofft—they fit now but still aren’t as comfortable as my other pointy toe shoes.


  4. I really like the ones you ended up buying and they are very Spring inspiring. I am lusting after just the right color orange shoes but may settle for red ones or no new ones at all.


    • Orange shoes, huh? I have an orange handbag but not sure I could do orange shoes–however, I have absolutely no reason why not. Red is always a good color to have. I am always looking for the perfect red, peep-toe shoes. Still haven’t found what I am looking for…: )


  5. Pink pumps go with your cultivated vintage-inspired wardrobe, and I’m glad you got sensible and abandoned the Ivanka pumps – my feet hurt just looking at them! I probably wouldn’t wear pink pumps, but I would wear pink flat sandals. I had plantar fasciitis many years ago, and now I have hammer toes on both feet, so my footwear choices must allow for solid arch support AND a big space for toes.


  6. I don’t like to go shoe shopping if I truly NEED a pair.
    Other than that shoes used to jump at me. As I have found that I have more than plenty, I buy a lot less. But if I do, I love to buy ballerina flats (which the Mr. feels should be abandoned by law). And yes, I have a pair of bright pink suede ones. Love them!!! And I also have Birkis (Birkenstocks) with pink patent leather 😉 They’re soooo comfy 😀


    • LOL! I feel your shoe shopping pain…isn’t that the way it goes? I have experienced similar problems with handbags. Pink Birkies? Great idea!


  7. I have the hardest time finding shoes that fit because of my narrow feet. I have to try on dozens before I can find one pair that fit. I could never buy on line as I would spend my whole time making returns.


    • The only shoes that I can buy online and know for sure they will fit and be great are Birkenstocks and Danskos. Not sure what that is saying about my high maintenance, granny feet. : )


  8. I do love my pink Ivanka’s. They are surprisingly comfortable on me but it is a skinny heel and I do have to be a little more attentive to how I walk. I don’t know if those shoes give me toe cleavage or not. I will have to try them on and see.
    The shoes you found are so cute! I actually love that orange-y red pink. It’s like a dark salmon shade.
    We are now pink pumps sisters! Hooray!
    Look out because I have another shoe post going up later today. I think I have a problem! 😉 xo


    • I will have to check out your new post…cautiously. Thanks for the heads up. I have a pair of Toms coming any day now. Zulily was running a sale so I thought I would try them out since I got rid of my Supergas and I miss the color/style. xo


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