french friday ~~ breton stripes


My Spring/Summer wardrobe planning has begun.  While I do not intend to buy many items, I will be replacing some worn looking tops/tanks, maybe my black casual skirt and I would love to find a great pair of white linen pants.  But on the top of my list is a Breton striped shirt.

I decide to get a black and white striped Breton top instead of navy blue and white–knowing it would work better with my wardrobe.   And oh man! are there tons of options out there for that quintessential nautical look.  If you are thinking of getting one this year, check your favorite shops first and your search may end in no time.  I started with my favorite stores too, however, I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for.  Actually, the black and white stripe option is a bit harder to find than I thought it would be.  But I also had other things to consider like stripe thickness, shirt length, sleeve length and neckline.  I know.  I am one picky chick.

After many searches online, I finally found my “ideal” Breton shirt.  Guess where it was…

…France! Of course.

I found the shop Brittany Boutique which specializes in the Breton type shirt.  They have a great selection for men, women and kids.  I decided to get this one in the black and white option:



I love the length of it which should work well with jeans, leggings, or cropped pants.  I am not sure it will work with my black skirt but it might if I tuck it in (which I am not a fan of doing).  Ordering from the company was super easy and they even give a PayPal option.  Shipping takes some time since it has to cross the Big Blue Ocean but I should have it within 7-10 days.  Maybe all the snow will be gone by then?  And maybe not.

Do you like the nautical look?  Are Breton stripes your idea of chic?


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16 thoughts on “french friday ~~ breton stripes

  1. I love a classic Breton Stripe. Mine are all navy, but I agree a black and white would fit my wardrobe much better. Thank you for the link. I’m enjoying your French Fridays. I may copy you…of course you do know that is the highest form of flattery don’t you? Enjoy your weekend Heather.


    • I have had a couple of items come from France before (MaiTai cuffs and scarf rings and a vintage bag) and I am always giddy when I see the packages arrive. I am ready for my next one!! : )


  2. Of course I am a total fool for stripes and believe every shape and size can wear striped shirts, so long as you find the right stripe for you. Land’s End has a nice Breton shape, but I’m also partial to J Crew and Banana Republic t-shirts (I need a shirt with a long torso). One could build an entire wardrobe on striped t-shirts and colorful scarves! Have you visited this link yet?


    • I have a thin-striped navy shirt from BR that I like a lot. I didn’t see anything that made me swoon this year from either J.Crew or BR : (. So I am really hoping this one will be perfect for me. Thank you for the link!


  3. I just love strips … even if I’m too big for it … so chic. Bought a dress from Hillfinger when visit Canada and I just love it. And I have a breton striped top since I visit Biarritz last time.


    • I think stripes can work for everyone, no matter size. I was hesitant to wear them because of my chest but with a v-neck or scoop neck, it looks good. My new top is boat neck so hopefully it will work too.


      • I love boat neck – bot my dress and top has that- I,m so happy that navy is back in fashion, quite a few years since last. Have plenty. Boat neck is flattering to most women.


    • Of course any francophile needs one! But I am not sure you will want me as your fashion tipster. There are so, so many more qualified. ; )


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