photography ~~ treasure (weekly photo challenge)

This week’s photo challenge is treasure.   I recently wrote about finding attic treasure.  Even though the attic find was just an old, disintegrating newspaper, I considered it a treasure because it was part of the history of this house which has stood since 1838.  Obviously, I can find “treasure” in very simple things.  Here’s another:


These old glass bottles were all found in and around our yard a few years back–before we lived here.  The previous owners left them for us.  I like the fact that they speak for the history of the house too.  And I like that they make great little vases for Lily of the Valley in the Spring.

What is your treasure?

Please see more treasures scattered about WordPress.

Have a great Monday!



14 thoughts on “photography ~~ treasure (weekly photo challenge)

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  2. My favorite “treasure” related to this house was found when we were tilling the new garden area – we found a piece of a white clay tavern pipe. What it was doing out in the middle of that field I’ll never know, but it’s pretty cool! Love your old glass bottles!


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