french friday ~~ paris memories

Happy French Friday!

I am afraid I have a rather short and sweet post for today.  We have been very busy…and out of town…the past couple of days so I have not had time to work on a post.  But we all love Paris, don’t we?  So I thought I would share some memories with you from the time we visited in 2004.

We went there for our 10 year anniversary.  My dear husband “surprised” me with the idea of going in early 2004 (we didn’t travel until October)…he set everything up quite romantically.  While sitting in a very elegant restaurant, he had me open presents (that proved to be clues) as to what the BIG surprise would be.  I remember my heart beating faster with each unwrapped clue.  Once I realized the destination was Paris, I was overwhelmed with feelings of excitement…and love.  Since he knew that Paris (or France) was my very dear dream, he left the planning and particulars up to me.  Happily, the room we stayed in the entire week we were there had this view (ironically, I am typing this as I am watching “A Room With a View”–ha!):

As we spent our week there, we both carefully collected our memories and little souvenirs–ticket stubs, receipts, sugar packets, etc.  Once home, I wasn’t sure what to do with them all.  Just stashing them into a drawer seemed pointless.  Having them in a scrapbook was unoriginal.  Instead I wanted something I could see every day–so I could remember every day of that wonderful, special week we shared in Paris.  I decided to make a shadow box which I have displayed in my “travel cabinet”.



The close up photo helps you see how much we did during our week there.  I really had thought that the eight days would be more than enough to do “everything”.  We certainly did a lot but not nearly everything, to be sure.  It’s OK though… we have much to look forward to on our next visit.

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How do you showcase your memories?



21 thoughts on “french friday ~~ paris memories

    • Oh! I plan on it. We will be traveling to Europe this coming summer but Paris is not on the agenda. In fact I will have only one night in France–boohoo. But there will be a whole bunch more we will see so I probably won’t mourn it too much. ; )


  1. I was looking forward to your French Friday 🙂
    What a romantic thing to do and how sweet of your husband! Paris is always worth a trip, women look so chic and everything seems done so effortlessly.
    I love the collage of your memories 🙂
    HAPPY Valentine to you! 🙂 xo


    • Awww…it doesn’t take much to make you happy, does it? 😉 Yes, Paris is a one of a kind place. However, from what I have been reading/watching about Vienna, I think you Austrian gals have the chic thing working too!


    • A romantic? He can be but as a rule I wouldn’t call him a romantic–just being honest. I actually call him my renaissance man because he has interests in a variety of things which is refreshing. What he is not interested in is watching sports on TV–except tennis in the summer. Thank goodness.


    • Yes! DO dig them out and reminisce. Sometimes I forget certain things we did until I get the photos out. For instance, we happened to meet a gal traveling alone, stopping in Paris on her way home to USA from Kenya. She just happened to be staying at L’Hotel and just happened to be booked in the Oscar Wilde suite! So we got to see something we otherwise never would have seen.


  2. Love French Friday. And I love your travel cabinet idea – definitely original! As I’m sure you know, I self-publish books of all our trips. I even scan ticket stubs and take pictures of the things I buy, including those in the books. Not quite as tangible as your cabinet, but at least everything is in one place and I can flip through the pages and remember. Will you be blogging at all on your upcoming Europe trip? Can’t wait for you to go!


    • I think your book idea is a fantastic one. I might consider doing that for our next trip. Paris was before the digital age for me. Will I blog about our upcoming trip??? Not sure how much but I am sure there will be some photos I will have to share.


    • I agree! I wish it was closer to wear I live. I am always dreaming of living somewhere over in Europe–but I am always within a few hours drive of Paris!!


  3. My husband, younger daughter and I leave for London in a few weeks.Our older daughter will be in London with classmates for a week, so my husband and I decided to take our younger one to visit during the same week. (We’ll do our thing while the older one is doing her thing.) At the end of the week, the 4 of us are going to meet up, take the Eurostar to Paris, and stay for the week in a rented flat. I haven’t been back to Paris (or London, other than Heathrow) since I was a little girl and I’m so excited to finally share this with my girls. Thank you for this! It’s helped grow my excitement for our upcoming trip.


    • I am SO excited for you! This will be the most amazing trip for you. We were able to visit London and Scotland, daughter in tow, in 2003–it was fabulous and so many great memories. Staying in a flat in Paris is THE way to go! We had a hotel when we were there but when in Scotland we had a flat. I loved it–made the experience more immersing. I hope you will share your experiences when you return!


  4. I really love that cabinet even before it contained your travel memorabilia. A brilliant idea there! And what a lovely husband you have to take you to Paris for your anniversary….which will be 20 years this year am I right? I’m well impressed.


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