photography ~~ selfie (weekly photo challenge)

I don’t know what to tell y’all.  I needed a selfie, I don’t like selfies.  But I had this one on my iPod.  This was taken when I first got my iPod and was playing with the camera.  I will not admit to how long it took to figure out the reverse camera thingy.  Technology.


Please join everyone else with their selfies over at the Daily Post for this week’s challenge.




19 thoughts on “photography ~~ selfie (weekly photo challenge)

    • I wish I could see my lashes when I am not wearing mascara…I know they are there but wow what a difference some make-up can do. Thank goodness!!


    • Technically, I never do either. Often I take my make-up and a mirror out to the dining room to do my face because our lighting is horrible in the bathroom. I never feel pretty when I am getting ready in the there–so depressing.


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