chic ~~ pink accessories for a grey existence

In streamlining my wardrobe I have paired my basics down to three colors; grey, dark brown and black (add in navy for summers).  I rely on accessories to give me that desperate “pop” of color.  Although “pink” is one of the best colors for me, can you believe I own nothing in the way of tops/shirts/sweaters that are pink?  All I have are a couple of solid pink scarves (one light pink the other bright) and a couple of print scarves with some pink in them, like this one:


My earrings are also pink flowers (Brighton).  And I almost always wear a “pink” hued lip gloss.  These are the ways I get my pink on.  A little bit does make a difference.  Not only do I find the color a mood lifter, but it really does help add color to my complexion–a must in the dead of winter.

How about you?  Are you a pink fan?  How about getting some inspiration from the gals at “Everything Just So” and “The Rich Life on the Budget“?  This month’s How I Wear My… is PINK!



31 thoughts on “chic ~~ pink accessories for a grey existence

  1. Our wardrobes would match perfectly. I’m all brown, black and gray too. I lie- I have a little dark olive as well. And I did just buy some soft burgundy red boots. Helps for a pop of color. I love that scarf and I love pink.


    • I will bet your puts are gorgeous. I love the color you are describing–reminds me of the oxblood color Etienne Aigner used in many of his bags and accessories.


  2. Pink and gray goes very … well together – also with off-white, light blue, apricot and honeysuckle. Gray is my main winter color and this year I wear it with mustard yellow. You always know how to put colors and outfits together – very chic.


    • You are a brave wearer of pink! Good for you. I really need to wear it more than I do. I think my next “pink” purchase will be pumps!


  3. I like the pale pink, I do not like very hot pink. I like the rose that you have chosen in your scarf in your earrings and your lips. The pattern of the scarf is wonderful, I love these pastel colors so pretty. A very nice look, Heather.


    • Thank you, JMB. I like hot pink in the right situations–maybe a pop of it against all black or dark grey. Hope you are well!


  4. I like your wardrobe – the choice of basic colors is excellent. And yes, adding a dash of color is all it takes to make the outfit personal and perfect (or the other way around). Pink suits you very well – goes with your color of skin, hair and eyes.
    🙂 Have a lovely Thursday xo 🙂


    • Thank you, Claudia. Scarves are definitely my “go to” solution for adding color. And handbags. And jewelry. And… : )


      • I know what you’re talking about, dear Heather.
        I realize that my drawers need a lot more space for accessories these days than those for the rest of the clothes… 😉
        Does that sound familiar?


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