photography ~~ window (weekly photo challenge)

I love windows.  Having a house with lots of windows is important to me and my well-being.  I need light.  I have to see out.  Thank goodness for windows.  Seriously.

This is my kitchen window:


And this gorgeous piece of art was in a Bed and Breakfast we stayed last year.


These windows are in a local brewery:



My favorite window of the year was the one I sat by every morning for a week while staying on Lake Michigan last summer:


Please check out the other “windows” at the Daily Post.

Have a wonderful weekend!



10 thoughts on “photography ~~ window (weekly photo challenge)

  1. These are lovely photographs. Thank you for sharing them. I love windows too. My 1903 family home has beautiful large windows ( one is 7’x7′)! . This week I have been mediating on the work go Pierre Bonnard. I love Bonnard for exactly this reason: he sees the world through windows. Looking at Bonnard’s beautiful paintings, I feel filled with light (albeit, southern Indiana is not the south of France). Bonnard also sees the nuance of color so brilliantly. Thank you again for sharing these lovely photographs, they were a real treat on this gray January afternoon! Margaret Lowe

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    • Oh! I just had some fun perusing through Bonnard’s work online. Great stuff! Another artist that I have come to truly appreciate (and love!) is Edward Hopper and his use of light…and lots of paintings/images using windows.

      I would love to have a house some day with huge windows like you describe in your home. We have an 1838 house and while it has many windows, we face North and are surrounded by trees–makes for some dark days even in summer. We talk all the time about cutting some trees back but it never seems to happen. C’est la vie!


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  4. Windows save my sanity. When I’m looking for an office to do my volunteer work in at hospice I am sometimes forced into the basement – no windows! I never last long down there. Creeps me out.


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