vintage chic ~~ pinterest inspired necklace

I resisted long and hard (as I do with most “new” technology).  I was not going to let myself get sucked into the Pinterest vacuum.  I have had an account for a while now but mostly I would just go in and check the boards, hit the heart button and move on.  I received an email from Pinterest a few months back introducing “private boards”…I still didn’t take the bait.  But then a new adventurous trip presented itself on my horizon and as I started researching our destinations, I realized that Pinterest might be a useful tool in my planning.  I created a private board and…

….swiftly got sucked up.


So while “planning” my future vacation, I have discovered great recipes, funny quotes, craft projects, budgeting tips and exercise motivators.  Good stuff.  Fun stuff.  Time consuming stuff.

I decided to make a deal with myself.  Instead of randomly just pinning anything and everything I see that is interesting, beautiful, entertaining (with the exception of nature photos, vintage things and quotes), I would strive to pin things I really might try to do or make, whether a recipe, craft or exercise.  Reasonable, non?

So, the other day I came across a pin that showed how to make vintage button collage necklace.  Sweet!  I had kept a few of my jewelry making supplies and I knew there was a set of buttons just dying to become a necklace.  All I needed to buy was the felt backing.  Easy peasy.

This was the goal:

(click here for blog and instructions)

I gathered my things together and went to work.  Here is what I ended up with:


The original instructions called for sewing a chain onto the back of the necklace.  Instead I sewed on three little o-rings (jump rings?) and created a slide for my silver omega chain.  I love it!  It took very little time to make and it was very easy.  And now I have finally used these vintage, great color buttons that have sat in a drawer for three years.  A Pinterest WIN!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!  Thank you for tuning in.


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