french ~~ qu’elle surprise!

I really have no idea if my title is grammatically correct in French…but I tried.  Nonetheless, I had quite the French surprise arrive on my doorsteps just the other week.  Let me explain.

Anyone who blogs knows how easy it is to “connect” with other readers or bloggers.   Whenever I find that I “connect” with a blogger, I add her/him to my blog list or subscribe to that particular blog.  One “connection” I have formed is with Paige, writer of the terrific blog, “Stories From a Small Village”.  She and I share a love of all things vintage and French.  And New England, where she gets to live.  She blogs about all these things and shares the most amazing photos.  And you won’t guess what she offered to do for me.

A few months ago she found herself taking a long weekend trip to Paris.  Thoughtfully she emailed me to ask if I would like her to bring anything back.  Uh, oui!  My heart.  But I decided to leave my heart there.  I opted instead for some Laduree macarons.  When hubby and I were in Paris ten years ago, we did eat at Laduree but I didn’t think to try one of their infamous macarons.  Ten years I have regretted this and lived with loss (sigh).   Paige agreed to bring some but I made her promise NOT to make a special trip just for moi.  In the end, it didn’t work out.  Yet, I thought her the sweetest just the same.

In August, Paige AGAIN found herself returning to France.  Again she offered to return with a treat.  This time I left it up entirely to her.  She was going visit the Dordogne area so I suggested a little trifle indicative of that region.   I also sent her a little money because I didn’t want her spending too much on me or using up her hard-earned Euros on someone she has never met.  I also subscribed to her “email travelogue” so I could see what and where she visited while on holiday.

Soon after her return I got an email from her telling me to expect a package.  Sure enough, the next day I got it.  She picked out the perfect gift!  Voici!:


Travel brochures, maps (allons!), and some bathing accoutrements.  What you are looking at is a soap stone which will never wear out.  I load it with soap and use it in the shower which exfoliates and leaves a wonderful, fresh scent–and soft skin.  Perfect!  I was thrilled with her choices and sent off an email to let her know how much I appreciated everything.

Well, that sly minx wasn’t done with me yet.  She told me to expect yet another package.  Sure enough…the next day it came.  You will never guess what it was!!!  Yep!  Laduree Macarons!!!  I squealed when I opened the beautiful box with its colorful delicacies.  I quickly made some tea so that I could enjoy these fragile goodies.  I tried really hard, I did I swear, to save one for my honey but it just didn’t happen.  I scarfed down the contents…I can’t even recall if my tea finished brewing  (just to clarify, it was a box of six… I didn’t want you sitting there thinking I ate 2lbs of macarons in one fell swoop–not that it couldn’t happen but in this case, it didn’t).   In my haste, did I photograph the little beauties?  Non.  But I still have the cute little art deco box they came in and the Laduree bag.  Life’s little pleasures, right?

You know, this is the second time this has happened to me.  Earlier this year, Adrienne took a trip to Paris and lovingly brought me back a tin of Mariage Freres Tea in the hard to find ” Lily Muguet” flavor.

Every time I sip it, I think of her kindness and generosity.

I am beyond touched that these two women, from simply reading my blog and knowing my love of French things, would take the time and effort to think of me on their vacations.  Hopefully, I will one day return the sentiments.


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