chic ~~ pencil skirt

A couple of weeks ago I shared some finds I got from JJill.  I am happy with each thing I bought but I am more than pleasantly surprised by the pencil skirt.

I have veered away from this skirt style for many reasons not the least of which is that I never found them very flattering.  But this JJill Wearever drapes nicely and I am proud to say, finally, I own a pencil skirt.  Doesn’t this make me so “in” or something now?  Hard to imagine.

The photos are only so-so.  I have a love-“hate” (as in love less) relationship with my photographer.  I love him because he is willing to try but I “hate” him because he doesn’t catch simple things like my jacket being all a-skewed.  A couple of quick pulls would’ve made a world of difference.  However, I do give him credit for asking if the shoes should be in it.  Bien sur!!  They are leopard print for heaven’s sake.



What can I say?  We are a team…we try.



11 thoughts on “chic ~~ pencil skirt

    • Wow, I’m feeling so much better after seeing this photo. I, too, would never have considered a pencil skirt – that is if I wore skirts – but now if the time ever presents itself, I might just have to go out there into “skirt world” and buy one. Thanks, neighbor.


  1. Great, Heather, another post with your look, how long! I like your pencil skirt, and I love all your look black. You know, I like your style, always. The bag is cute. Animal print shoes are the look chic. And your hairstyle, beautiful. Do not make us wait so long for the next look.


  2. Looking so chic my dear and I love the bag and the pumps! Yowza! Did you cut your hair or is it just up? You are always so beautiful! XO, Jill P.S. I like the new header.


  3. Hate is a rather strong word to describe your relationship with your photographer. I’ve seen how handsome he is…he would be hard to replace. 🙂 You definitely look “in” with your leopard shoes and pencil skirt…very French.


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