photography ~~ sea (weekly photo challenge)

What a pretty theme for this week!  Who doesn’t love the sea (or ocean or lake)?  One of my favorite old standard songs is “La Mer” by Charles Trenet:

La mer
Qu’on voit danser le long des golfes clairs
A des reflets d’argent
La mer
Des reflets changeants
Sous la pluie

La mer
Au ciel d’été confond
Ses blancs moutons
Avec les anges si purs
La mer bergère d’azur

Près des étangs
Ces grands roseaux mouillés
Ces oiseaux blancs
Et ces maisons rouillées

La mer
Les a bercés
Le long des golfes clairs
Et d’une chanson d’amour
La mer
A bercé mon cœur pour la vie

LOVE IT!  And I love being by the water!!  I  feel so fortunate to live as close as I do to Lake Michigan.  No, Lake Michigan is not a sea by definition but it can deceive you into thinking so.  I just spent over a week on the beach of Lake Michigan in early August.  I was overwhelmed by its beauty for all 8 days.

Here is a photo I took last year of the coast line of Lake Michigan:


And here is a sunset from just a few weeks ago:


This is “my” sea.
Enjoy the weekend!  Maybe you have some last minute summer plans to visit the sea??

17 thoughts on “photography ~~ sea (weekly photo challenge)

  1. Great photos. I hope to visit the sea in the next few days before summer leaves us. I’m lucky to live less than 25 miles from the sea.


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  3. This is so … special .. I have just posted my entry and I have this song as my music cloud.
    I just love your entry and I love Lake Michigan … even if it’s not mine. Have a enjoyable weekend now.


  4. Lovely photos! We spent just a bit of time near the Pacific Ocean in July but no more plans to be near the sea or other large bodies of water for some time. I’d love to live by it though.


  5. Wonderful pictures, dear Heather!
    I find water very relaxing, even if its stormy outside and the waves are high.
    I love the sea too and I will be going to the Northern Sea in Germany end of September. Can’t wait to stick my feet in the water and feel the sand between my toes 🙂
    Have a very nice and HAPPY weekend – by the sea? 🙂


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  9. The photographs look beautiful. What a gift spending more than a week by the beach. I, too spent a week at the beach with my family and wish we could have stayed longer.


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  13. We are lucky ducks to be this close (30 min. if you speed a little bit) to the “big lake” aren’t we. Years ago Peter’s cousin from NY came to visit. We took him to the “big lake” and he was astounded. “You can’t see the other side!” He also wasn’t prepared to see a beach. “Lake” to him meant grass growing right to the edge.
    We showed that New Yorker a thing or two.


  14. There is something really soothing about water. If I couldn’t be near the sea I would hope for a lake or a running stream. When I saw Lake Michigan the first time I could easily have been convinced it was an ocean! I live a five minute walk from the North Sea and its beauty never fades. Sadly it’s far to cold to swim in, but I’m lucky to be near it any how.


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