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Are you surprised I am not writing about Fall handbags for moi?  Well, in truth, I did buy one for the season…my longed for Coach New Willis in Cognac (at the MOST amazing deal ever!).  I am very pleased with it…the color, the quality.  However, I really think the Classic (vintage) Coach Willis is superior in function and size.


The above photo is not my bag but it looks just like it.  However, I always remove the Coach hang tag…and I removed the tassels ( I really don’t “get” the tassels).  This bag is such a great color for Fall so I am happy to have added it to the “wardrobe”.

 Since having bought it, I have wondered how many other women are shopping for a new Fall handbag.  If so, are they shopping for bags in various shades of brown because of going into Autumn season?  Like cognac?  Walnut? Chocolate?  And then I thought, why not feature a few bags I have for sale in my Etsy store (I am simply shameless, aren’t I?)?  One never knows where she will find her dream bag.

Let’s start with a classic style.  Hermes made this structured bag one of the most iconic, sought after bags in the world.  Alas, not many can afford to plop down thousands of dollars for an authentic Kelly handbag.   I found this one listed on Ebay:

HERMES PARIS  crocodile 'Kelly 35', honey brown - vintage

(click here to go to listing)

Tres chic, non?  It is listed at a starting bid of $4,999.  Wow.  If this is a bag you can afford, go for it.  But if you, like me, are a little more budget conscience, then this might be an option for you instead:

CASA LOPEZ Alligator Embossed Brown Kelly Style Handbag Leather

(click here to see listing in my store)

This bag gives you the “look” and great quality for only $75.00.  Now you have $4,924.00 to spend on something else.

Another popular trend I have seen are clutch bags.  Here is a cute one:

(click here to see for more details)

This is actually a good deal for a Givenchy.  I like it!   I found quite a few good deals for similar bags when I was searching around the internet, in all prices ranges.  And look!  Here is one too:

Amelia Berko Cognac Caramel Alligator Embossed Leather Envelope Clutch with Detachable Strap

(please click here for listing)

   When I originally found this one, I thought about keeping it because it is so classy and so “now”.  However, I already use a Patricia Smith Moon Bag  and really don’t have need for another clutch.  So into the Etsy store it went waiting for adoption.

Are you a fan of Cole Haan handbags?  This is one of my favorite styles:

NWT Cole Haan Village Small Bucket Tote Dark Brown $295

(click for details)

So imagine my surprise when I found this Ingber vintage bag:

INGBER Dark Brown Leather Handbag 1960s Mad Men Mid Century Purse

(click here for listing)

The styling is so similar to the Cole Haan.  Yet, I think the Ingber has maybe more character than the Cole Haan.  And a better price. : )

Being a Coach fan, I am intrigued by their new Madison collection bags.  Mind you, I am always a sucker for  turn lock closures on my bags.  I really am.   I find this new style adorable:

(click here for details)

I love the strong vintage vibe the above bag emotes.  If you like that look, you may like this vegan friendly purse too:

(click here for listing)

Again, the cost of this bag is a fraction of the Coach.

So tell me.  Are you shopping for a new (or “new to you”) bag this Fall?  What color will you go with this year?



12 thoughts on “chic ~~ fall handbags for you

  1. Heather…your new Coach is gorgeous. I have the same in a buckskin type color (I don’t know the official name of the color. Its really beautiful and I love it. I take the tassels off of mine too!


    • Lisa, I know which color you mean…it is very pretty. I have wanted this new style for about 2 years. I couldn’t believe it when I found it on at the best price I have seen. I hope you are getting a lot of use out of yours!


  2. Wait – we have to have a bag for fall?????????????? I planned on carrying my summer purse until I see the first snowflake. Two different purses for the whole year – that’s me. I know you’ll try to convert me but give up now because it’s not going to work.


    • I think I need to be giving accessorizing classes down here. : ) At least you have 2 handbags to interchange. Thank you for that.


  3. A lovely sampling, thanks for sharing. I found a Coach hobo bag at a vintage store so I’m excited to start using that soon. I always switch to black for fall. I also have a Hilfiger wool/leather combo bag that I love for fall too. Oh, one can never have too many bags!


    • Vintage Coach are my faves…especially when found in well-loved, cared for condition. I tend to use black or brown a lot too for Fall. And I agree, one can never have too many bags–or so it would seem. : )


  4. Am I shopping for a new bag? Ha! I’m always shopping for a new bag. I really want one in chocolate….a deep dark rich brown chocolate. Although I’m loving the shades of the clutches you posted. I used to only love black bags but now I’m very very open to other colours!


    • I found a vintage, dark chocolate handbag on either Etsy or Ebay a few months ago. I am looking forward to using it this Fall. Thanks for stopping in!!


  5. Shopping for a new bag is alway dangerous for me.
    However, I have just found my real old (more than 20 yrs) green Goldpfeil handbag and am cleaning it for fall (will do a post some time) and today I found an alligator handbag second hand, which I will post pictures of 😀
    Yes, I like bags that fully close, too – a turn lock or a zipper.
    Lovely bags you have shown here, my dear 🙂


  6. Heather, lovely post …. you know that I love handbags … I love your “Kelly” bag – but I already have an alligator bag, good price too. Also have a small crocodile bag after my aunt Thea.
    I glad that the big “envelop” bags is returning – have quite a few of them too.
    Great bags never goes out of fashion, but to pay nearly $5.000 for a handbag, that is sin money.
    There are people with money and then there are people with a lot of money. *smile


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