photography ~~ focus (weekly photo challenge)

Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend.  We are so far.  The weather is perfect.  We had dear friends over last night for dinner and they also stayed over.  Then, today, we were off to a company picnic that was well supported.  Tomorrow we are off again to meet up with more friends we haven’t seen in a while.  Fun weekend indeed!

This week’s photo challenge theme is “focus”.  We were encouraged to try various shots that really brought things into sharp focus.  I chose two photos (sorry, both have been on here before); one of a distance shot in focus and another close-up which blurs the background.



If you can spare a few minutes, follow the link to the Daily Post to see more “focus” photos.




10 thoughts on “photography ~~ focus (weekly photo challenge)

  1. I love the way the top photo draws the eye between the red barn in the distance and the flowers on the graves, and back again, and the depth of field in the second one.


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  3. That top photo is beautiful .. I can hear the silence. Love the color … and your lilies are always stunning.
    Great weekend with great company – so glad for you both.


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