chic ~~ getting in the pink

I’m back.  Back from vacation, back from the computer abyss (another new monitor installed, still have glitchy  WiFi but I am rolling with it).  Vacation was great and I will post about the beauty of Lake Michigan on a later date.  But let me just say, I have NEVER seen the water as clear and blue/green as it was this past week.  Yes, further North I have seen it that clear but never on our local beaches.  It was like being in a colder version of the Caribbean.  Simply splendid.

Despite having days of relaxing, walking the beach, visiting the lake shore towns, antiquing and eating out…I am WIPED OUT.  The couple of days home has been dedicated to laundry and groceries and pottering about the house–thankful to be back and so happy to be sleeping in my bed again.

Speaking of pottering (love that word–first read it here)…

…you may remember not long ago I came upon two turquoise blue chairs that my neighbor was selling.  They quickly became permanent fixtures in Bliss House.  My living room has a lot of blue, turquoise and champagne in it.  But there are also pops of pink like on this chair:


And in this picture:


And this one too:


So I have wanted to find “something” to pull those colors into my decor.  I searched for vintage vases on Etsy.  I looked for floral arrangements online and Hobby Lobby.  But I wasn’t really finding the “right” color.   Until one day at Goodwill I found this bowl:


Instant love.  Not only does it have the raspberry pink I wanted but it also fades to  blue-green on one side AND has the champagne color of my drapes.  It was found for $7.50.  Then, just a couple of weeks later, I was checking out sidewalk sales in our little downtown.  I found this simple, silk rose bouquet for  70% off (paid less than $7.00).


 Again, it has the light pink to darker raspberry colors.  Together these two decorative items sit on my coffee table bringing in the pops of color I wanted without overwhelming the space.  I haven’t ruled out possibly finding a perfect throw pillow or two to add to the reverie but for now these will do.


Not too shabby for under $15.00.  Now that is  how I like to shop.



21 thoughts on “chic ~~ getting in the pink

    • Thank you, ma chere. I think 95% of my furnishings/decor are thrifted or second-hand. I am happy to know that my space comes across as elegant and homey. I think if one just buys what she loves, it all comes together. I like calling my decorating hodge podge style. : )


  1. Beautiful! I envy your ability to colour coordinate, something I can recognise as being done right but cannot for the life of me do myself (I do, however, know enough never to wear green socks with shorts and sunburnt legs).


  2. I am glad that your vacation is a success. I think that Lake Michigan should be a lovely place. You have exquisite taste for decoration. I’m more minimalist, but I see the pictures of your house and I think it’s very cozy.


    • Cozy is good! I have tried going the minimalist approach but I am not very good at it. But I still try to keep knick-knacks and clutter to a minimum. I like to be able to breathe and think in my space. With your love of beauty, you will appreciate my future post(s) about Lake Michigan. I feel truly fortunate to live is such a pretty area.


  3. Isn’t it greqt thqt Fiona is blogging again! I used to love to potter, but I don’t seem to make much time for it any more. I blame my computer… When I get back home I need to set myself some limits.


    • Yes! I am so happy Fiona is back. I blame my computer for many things too that fail to get done around here. Being unplugged for over a week did my mind and body good. I will still be trying to set limits for online time too. Where are you??


    • Unofficially I heard that the zebra mussels have done a great job in cleaning things up plus stricter laws on flushing waste into the water. Whatever it is, it is working. I am dying to get back there and get back in the water.


    • It’s fun, isn’t it? Thank you for your comment. I can imagine the gems you have found in your thrifting sprees. : )


  4. Pink isn’t really a color of mine … but your items here are truly beautiful … but they only contains a little pink, just enough for my taste. The bowl is so beautiful and it really fits on that coffee table.


    • I love pink but I don’t like a lot of it. However, my bedroom walls are painted a pale, blush pink…that I like. Yes, I felt fortunate finding that pretty bowl. Finding things like this keep me going back to Goodwill. : )


  5. Nice that you are back rested and with your problems behind you. I love decorating a room the way you have, finding the perfect accessories a little at a time…that way everything fits so perfectly.


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