vintage chic ~~ brooch bowl

You know how when you are shopping in an antique store and you sometimes see a piece of porcelain so dainty and pretty that it makes you gasp?  And then you walk around the rest of the store unable to erase the piece from your mind and you know, you just KNOW, that it has to come home with you?  That is what happened to me with this footed bowl so many years ago that I can’t remember where I even found it.


 It is has survived many (many!) purges around here but kept getting shifted around the house until it found itself on the bottom shelf of an entry way table…stuck by itself in dark shadows, bringing joy to no one except the little dust bunnies that would sometimes dance across it.  I seriously considered letting it go but it is just too stinkin’ pretty–couldn’t do it.  Finally I found a solution:


I decided to showcase my brooches in it because they too deserve to be seen and sparkle in the light–not suffer from depression in a velvet lined drawer.  The beautiful meet the beautiful in perfect harmony.


If you haven’t a lovely bowl for your brooches, this too is a great idea for  displaying them. Isn’t it fun thinking outside the jewelry box?



32 thoughts on “vintage chic ~~ brooch bowl

  1. I love it! How perfect for that pretty bowl. I also use a little china tea cup for my earrings, rings etc. when I take them off at night. Some things survive for a reason. This one is so beautiful to look at that I’m sure you could never part with it. 🙂


    • You are right, some things do survive for a reason. I used to have a big collection of teacups and saucers of different china patterns. I have gotten rid of all of them except 4. They were hard to part with!


    • I went to an antique store the other day. I am amazed that there is ALWAYS something beautiful to be found. On that visit I found an unused tea towel for my kitchen. I love antiquing!


  2. As beautiful as your dish and broaches are your way of sharing are always delightful words from a beautiful woman.


  3. Beautiful! I couldn’t place what it reminded me of but it dawned on me… one of my grandmother’s teacups I have squirreled away in the basement. Purge? Not in my vocabulary.


  4. I can well understand why you kept that lovely little bowl and putting brooches in it is a stroke of genius. I keep my brooches pinned to a tea towel which is hanging on a skirt hanger, but I put bangle bracelets in bowls and baskets.


    • What is nice about having them sitting out is that it helps me not to forget what I have. When something goes in my jewelry box it sometimes becomes forgotten. I have my necklaces hanging on a dress form tree too.


  5. What a great bowl, a great collection of brooches, and a glamorous way of being able to see them! Unrelated side note: can you join Adrienne and me for the “How I Wear My: Casual Party Outfit” post? Think about it anyway, we are accepting pictures until July 31 and the post goes up the next day. Day or night casual party, your choice! XO, Jill


    • OH! Jill, you just reminded me that when I thought of doing this post, I had every intention of linking to one of your costume jewelry posts. Drat! And, of course, we both know you have the PERFECT way of displaying rings!!!


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