photography ~~ the golden hour (weekly photo challenge)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend because we sure are.  We have seen dear friends from Florida, gone to the beach, eaten (and drank) at a micro brewery, gotten ice cream, swam and gone canoeing.  That was all before today (Sunday).  So today we are cooling our jets a bit and just enjoying being home.

The theme for the  Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “The Golden Hour”.  It is referring to the sunlight that happens either first thing in the morning or the last of the evening.  I love either time of day and it truly is the best time for photography.  The following photo was shot last week while on vacation.  I wandered out in the garden of our Inn before breakfast was served.  And the light was great!


And this next one was taken a couple of years ago (in the evening):


Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!  And don’t forget to check out the other photos for this challenge.



14 thoughts on “photography ~~ the golden hour (weekly photo challenge)

  1. Beautiful photos! I guess I really should get with this WordPress thing, I get half a dozen posts from people doing the weekly challenge. I’m out of touch!!


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  3. Dear Heather,
    As always your photos are a true delight… Just looking at your tomato pic brought back many memories to my mind… A little girl in France enjoying eating ripe tomatoes picked right from the garden by her beloved Mom… Thanks for the great trip in my memories you offered me. Hugs,


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