chic ~~ first tomato of the season

Now I am not sure that most people would classify a tomato as chic.  But I am not most people…and I think you know this.  I went to the Farmer’s Market this morning and found this gorgeous specimen just waiting to come home with me.  The farmer told me that she and a few others on the table were the first from their outdoor vines.  YES!  Let tomato season begin!!


She is posed on one of my salad plates– if that helps to give you an idea of  her curvy plus size.  Sadly, she has now been sliced into…sacrificed on toast with avocado, pepper and truffle sea salt.  Thank you, my chic friend.


PS  This post is dedicated to Karen…she who grows the best tomatoes ever seen in blogosphere.  Heaven knows, I can’t eat one — or pick one out!–without thinking about her tomatoes posts.


30 thoughts on “chic ~~ first tomato of the season

  1. I’m sure the farmer was as proud of growing that tomato as you were when buying it. I know that you meal had to be delicious. Thank you for your sweet comment and dedication. 🙂


  2. Ha, what we value in a tomato (plus sized and curvy) is entirely different than what our culture teaches us to value about women! This is mouth-watering.


  3. Your tomato looks so mouthwateringly good!
    I can eat tomatoes all the time and it’s a shame that so many don’t taste like tomatoes any more. I trust you’s is just as good as it looks 😉
    Have a very HAPPY day! 🙂


  4. We are fortunate enough to have “Tomato Boy” as a friend. He delivers them to our house! Sometimes too many so I’ll bring you the extras when that happens.
    I absolutely love summer tomatoes!!!


    • Is he related to “Tommy Boy”? I remember his tomatoes from last year…yes! Any extras, we will gladly help out the cause.


      • Yes I have way too many tomato plants growing around my house. Do you grow your own? I saved seeds from a HUGE tomato I bought at a market in la Dordogne, I can send some on to you if you’re interested…


      • Lovely offer but save your seeds for the good of tomatokind. First, I am not big on gardening. Second, I have NO SUN around this house to grow tomatoes. Sweet of you though.


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